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09-07-2013, 11:55 AM
I'm really late on writing this review, but I really wanted to put this one together at some point.

As some of you know, back in May, I was in desperate need of a complete suspension overhaul. I had bent my front passenger strut and my alignment was off and couldn't be remedied until that strut was replaced. So I ended up putting on new control arms, control arm bushings, RTABS, Vorshlag limiters, an H&R Cup Kit along with front strut mount reinforcement plates. Overall it took a long time to get everything done and I took it to a shop down the street to have an alignment done.

Long story short, this local shop did a shit job. (Local shop was called quality discount tire) My car was "aligned" as best it could without camber plates. The steering wheel after the alignment was still angled way wrong. My car was covered in dirt and grime. The tech took it for a test drive without telling me, and he must have just done a full brake job without washing off his hands. Needless to say I was furious.

So I asked a buddy of mine to recomend a shop to me. The shop he recommended was Eurowerks. He said he had taken his Porsche there to have his suspension installed and they did fantastic work.

So I drive over there one day to get an alignment. I met with Ricardo, who was incredibly friendly and helpful in addressing what work I wanted to have done. He had no problem letting me watch them as they did an alignment on my car and he offered me a good price. When my car came off the alignment rack I was told that in order for the camber to be completely stock again I would need camber plates and adjustable rear control arms. He showed me on the tie rods how they couldn't be adjusted any more and the camber plates with adjustable rear control arms would fix that. OK no problem, I'll come back and have them install the camber plates and control arms, because I refuse to take apart my suspension again after doing it once. Call me lazy...

Oh and I forgot to mention. Ricardo drives a 3 pedal Silvergrau ZHP. So I immediately feel that much more comfortable knowing that, hey, this guy knows my car.

Took my car back to have the camber plates and control arms installed. Ricardo gave me a great price to have all of the work done, and that included an alignment. He said that it would take probably a full day to have done because he would have to install everything, drive it down the block to get everything to settle and realign it as needed. Price would remain the same. Sweet.

So I came back to pick my car up. Got to meet the owner of the shop. Really nice guy named Sarven. Dude owns one of the most beautiful E36 M3's I've ever seen. It's Estoril blue with gray interior. Awesome to see the owner of the shop owning such a nice BMW.

Work was done, car was aligned, price was right, and I now have a new shop that I will take my car to when I ever need work done that I can't handle.

So for anyone in the Maryland area looking for a good shop. Go ahead and check out Eurowerks. They do great work, they take car of their customers and their vehicles. They even have a body shop. All around a great business.


09-07-2013, 03:25 PM
First of all, excellent write-up and thank you for posting. We need more of these reviews and I'm happy to hear it eventually all worked out. I would gladly pay a premium to let serious experts work on the car - seems like you did that and still got a great price! Up in Seattle, everyone goes to Strictly BMW.

09-08-2013, 04:51 AM
At first I thought this "this local shop did a sh*t job..." was referring to Eurowerks. A lot clearer after I kept reading. A bit far from me, but glad you found a place that treated you right. I'd suggest you also leave a review on bimmershops.com and if you are a member of Angie's list, there as well.