View Full Version : Need advice - damaged BMW rims - repair, sell, junk

09-23-2013, 01:56 PM
Situation: College age daughter and 2006 BMW 325i sedan with Sport package goes offroading to miss animal. One cracked front OEM 17in rim, one dented OEM 17in rear, one new rear tire required. Daughter in FL - Dad in GA. Dad orders replacement set of tires and 16 inch rims from TireRack (hoping extra rubber will help car in future event). Set of 2006 17" Sport OEM rims and tires taking up space in basement.

Option 1: Pay local rim repair shop in Atlanta $400 to fix cracked rim, fix bent rim, repair road rash, and paint four rims. Put the reconditioned rims and tires on son's 2005 325i sedan (which needs tires).
Option 2: Put four rims/tires on Craigslist clearly defining issues and sell for $300?
Option 3: Leave BMW rims and tires in basement next to the three sets of 300ZX TT rims/tires and the Mercedes E350 rims/tires gathering dust.
Option 4: Sell the rims for scrap metal value.

Advice? Other option?

PS - yes, daughter is fine after event

09-24-2013, 03:53 AM
I would double check the offsets before throwing them on an E46 - not sure they are the same. Otherwise your best bet is probably to try getting rid of them on craigslist, and if it doesn't work, go to your local junkyard and see if they might have a spare 17" to piece together a decent set. Then throw them on CL for a decent price.

09-24-2013, 08:54 AM
Personally, I think option #1 is kind of a waste. $400 is a lot of money to sink into wheels that will barely return that money back to you, and its time/aggravation... Granted, the other car needs tires, just buy a set of tires. You can put a decent set of 17" tires on his car for $400, which is the same cost anyway, but much less work on your part. Option #2 is a great idea, but you might have a hard time getting that money for them. I find that losing some money to avoid aggravation is often a big win. I'd rather lower the price and save the headache of dealing with lowballers and tire kicker types... Option #3 gets you absolutely nowhere... Option #4 is easy, but you still have to transport the wheels somewhere, and pay to have the tires removed, might negate the cost of what you'll get for the aluminum.

My thoughts? Your daughter is all set... Be happy she's on fresh rubber. Do the same for your son, put new rubber on his car (again, doesn't have to be expensive... Contrary to what most people think, a BMW will survive even if its not running on Michelin PSSs)... Then sell the beat up 17" set for whatever you can get, knowing that you've recouped some of the money for the son's tires...

Good luck.