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02-13-2011, 11:53 AM
My ad from the local CL:

2003 BMW 330ci Convertible -- $12,500
Electric red exterior
Sand leather interior
5 speed manual transmission
Sport package (ZSP) and Premium package (ZPP)
Power windows, locks, and seats
Currently 86,750 miles with a tranferrable warranty which is good through Oct 15, 2011 or 109K miles, whichever comes first
This convertible looks and runs great.

All maintenance is up to date, here's what I've done since I've owned it:
- May '09, bought it with 65K miles, oil changed immediately
- Jul '09, 67K miles, replaced all 4 wheels with BMW 18" wheels from a BMW 135 ZSP (18x7.5 front and 18x8.5 rear)
- Aug '09, 70K miles, BMW Service II Inspection maintenance (replaced all fluids) along with spark plugs, also replaced valve cover gasket, replaced front control arm bushings, replaced coolant expansion tank, replaced fan belt and a/c belt by Advantage Certified BMW
- Oct '09, 72K miles, front & rear brake pads, rotors, & sensors
- Oct '09, 72K miles, replaced all 4 tires, Continental Extreme Contact DWS, 225/40/18 in front & 245/35/18 in rear
- Mar '10, 75K miles, oil change
- Jul '10, 80K miles, oil change
- Oct '10, 84.0K miles, DISA valve replaced by BMW Fairfax
- Oct '10, 84.4K miles, valve cover gasket replaced (again, but no charge), oil filter housing gasket replaced by Advantage Certified BMW
- Nov '10, 84.8K miles, low oil sensor replaced, oil change
- Nov '10, 84.9K miles, mass air flow sensor replaced, thermostat housing and thermostat replaced by BMW Fairfax
- Nov '10, 85K miles, 4 wheel balance

The warranty covers pretty much everything except consumable items like tires, brakes, and oil changes. The warranty covered the front control arm bushings, gasket leaks, oil sensor, DISA valve, thermostat, and air flow sensor, minus a $100 deductible. These are all common and known E46 maintenance items which should to be addressed between 60-100K miles, all have been taken care of here. I have 2 other E46 BMWs, so this one is/was enthusiast owned and cared for.

I would rate this car is in very good condition cosmetically and excellent condition mechanically, has been garaged and/or covered since we've had it. Even though BMW recommends 15K miles between oil changes, I believe in changing it every 5K miles with synthetic oil on all of my cars as an extra preventative measure. As the maintenance history above notes, I haven't been shy about spending money on this car -- if it needed something, it got it. Its my wife's 2nd & fun car, so not her only vehicle. If its sunny, she drives it and if the weather is bad or rainy, she drives the family SUV.

There are some minor flaws on this car, basically because its 8 years old. There is some minor wear showing on the driver's side seat bolster, also on the center console arm rest. There are some small stone chips on the front edge of the hood. There is a good sized scratch on the spoke of one wheel, right rear.

I searched about 6 months for this exact car before I bought it, try finding a red convertible with a light colored interior that has never been in an accident, its a tough find.

Reason for selling -- I bought my wife a newer red BMW ZHP convertible, so she doesn't need two of them.

If interested, please call Bruce @ xxx-yyy-zzzz. Price is $12,500.

Location: Fairfax Station, VA

02-14-2011, 10:07 AM
Good luck with sale! Looks really good with the 135i wheels!

02-15-2011, 09:17 PM
SOLD - Advantage Certified Auto, an indy BMW shop where I have had some of its service done, bought it today. The deal was $10K cash plus a $1K credit in their service center as well as a 4-wheel alignment ($200) for the pothole mishap on the new vert that happened yesterday. Basically, that's 90% of what I asked for it, so I'm content and I already have the $1K of service credit figured out on some PM for the 2 ZHPs. They told me to look for it on their website this weekend for about $15K.

Was a bit surprised there was no traffic on this one from here or E46Fanatics, it is/was a nice car. They estimated about $700-800 to repaint the hood, redye the bolster and the armrest, replace a small plastic panel underneath the right front air dam, and give it a full detail. The pictures looked decent but the car was dirty, so it didn't need too much. Mechanically and maintenance wise they said it didn't need anything.

02-16-2011, 03:23 AM
Congrats on the sale. Nice work.

02-16-2011, 04:33 PM
Sweet deal. Whatever they offered you for it is actually pretty inline with what I think they go for in slightly worse condition (at least around here). Good job! *could we get a thumbup smiley up in here??*

02-16-2011, 05:03 PM
BP, when we moved servers, we lost some smileys. Also, I cannot upload new smileys at the moment because there is a broken path some place. It will be resolved this weekend, though.

02-16-2011, 05:12 PM
BP, when we moved servers, we lost some smileys. Also, I cannot upload new smileys at the moment because there is a broken path some place. It will be resolved this weekend, though.

Always on top of things; you are beyond awesome. :)