View Full Version : Sunday Cruise, Central NJ - 1/19/14

01-13-2014, 11:20 AM
Hey guys:

A few of us BMW nuts are going to do a Sunday afternoon cruise, departing from my buddy Joe's (also my insanely good Indy - so good for others looking for one) in Lawrenceville. There will likely be a couple ZHP's (at least one other member here) and couple e46 M3's participating.

Last time, we drove the beautiful backroads on the outskirts of Princeton and a bit north of there. Very scenic, hilly, and unpopulated!

Please reply here if you can make it.

Encourage others, bring your significant other, etc.

01-15-2014, 11:20 AM
Would love to join you (I'm in central NJ and have driven those roads). But, football playoffs start mid-afternoon and I'm hosting. if you were to start around 10 or 11am I could join.

01-15-2014, 11:27 AM
I'll see what the guys can do. That would sync with my kid's nap time and make it easier for me too!

01-15-2014, 03:15 PM
Would love to jump in but I've got stuff going on with the kids Sunday.

01-15-2014, 04:06 PM
We are now thinking about doing 11am Sunday morning.

01-16-2014, 07:52 AM
great. 11a works. Post or PM address. haven't check weather forecast...

01-18-2014, 04:16 PM
We couldn't get enough commitments due to last minute planning. We'll shoot for another weekend towards the end of winter when the weather is a bit warmer.

Will plan in advance.

01-18-2014, 04:19 PM
Cool. Looking forward to it.