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03-30-2011, 05:27 PM
Well this is a fun sub-forum!

My quick reviews are based on maintenance (mostly) only since I bought my ZHP private party.

Princeton BMW: when I was looking for a ZHP, I walked in and asked if they had any pre-owned. They had no idea what a ZHP was, what the performance package was, what Imola Red was, or what a Roundel was. :asshat This was disconcerting. Fast forward and I took my ZHP there to be serviced. It was terrible. The work wasn't done correctly, then they gave me a hard time about it. I wrote a very strongly worded letter to the person in charge and told them that they'd never get another dime of my $, which they haven't. This is the same dealership that my father walked into and said, "I want an E46 M3; here are the options I want; go find it." He never got a call back. :scratchinghead Friggin' morons.

Circle BMW: While they're not great on the sale side (lost a sale due to lack of follow up), Tim and the service people could NOT get higher praise from me. Tim Meritzis is a CCA guy who KNOWS what it is to be an enthusiast/track person/anal-retentive car owner. He's simply the man. I have neither the time, space, nor ability to pray to the DIY church (though I'd love to and respect it very much), so Tim and his technicians take care of my car, and they do so superbly.

Open Road: Had a great sale experience here with Charles, one of the most senior salesmen in the state and possibly the country.

Want to talk about MINI dealerships now? nono

03-30-2011, 05:54 PM
Marc, I had a MINI. Enough said. Dealers sucked.

03-30-2011, 06:03 PM
I've never had my car serviced at Circle (other than the subframe check) but the parts guy there is always very helpful.

03-30-2011, 06:32 PM
Ahh NJ :)

Except for their M3, my parents have bought all of their BMWs in the state of NJ, from my dads first E30 to his current M6

E30, I cant remember what dealer he purchased it from, but it was an ORIGINAL Zender car. With the square headlights and such. The car I think was an early production for the tuner.

The 735iL was bought almost 20 years ago at BMW of Morristown. But the dealer has completely changed from then, the way it is run, location etc. They had a great experience back then and even today we have gone looking for cars and they were friendly

Prestige BMW in Ramsey- Prestige has the best and rarest selection of BMWs in my opinion of any BMW dealer I have seen. My parents picked up their previous X5 here. Great dealer. Only thing we had an issue with was the registering of the car as NJ does it for you. But they made the right deals on our trade, had the X5 ready when promised and overall good experience. But I have seen many rare cars there including an E36 M3 Lightweight, Z8 Alpina, 850csi and a few others. Rare color combos and options as well

BMW of Tenafly- My parents purchased their M6 Cabrio here. Great dealer, good service. People were friendly and met agreements. They also prepped the car very quick and fiished up the sale quick as my dad wanted to take it and hit road :)

Paul Miller BMW convinced my dad to keep the 735iL about 11 years ago when he considered trading for a then new 2000 740iL Sport. Great service department here

BMW of Maywood/Park Ave? --this dealer has been iffy as far as sales. They are always open odd hours, little selection and what they do have is typical NJ, Silver, black autotragic