View Full Version : BMW of Encinitas (San Diego) Review

04-01-2011, 09:17 AM
This is the place I use when I have to do warranty work on any of my BMWs (assuming they're still under warranty).

The key to all San Diego dealerships is to find a great service adviser (SA) and a good technician. Until about a month ago, I had both -- and at the same dealership.

If you need a competent tech to work on your car, be sure to request Mike Nguyen. He's the only one who can work on my 335 when it's at a BMW dealership.

As for service advisers, BMW of Encinitas used to have a great one in Brian Chartier. Unfortunately, he left the dealership recently. He's now working over at BMW of Vista (San Diego).

So, here's my recommendation. When you are going to BMW of Encinitas, be sure to request Mike Nguyen as your tech. You're on your own with the SA, though.

When you are at BMW of Vista, be damn sure you request Brian Chartier as your SA. Best I've had.