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08-29-2017, 11:05 PM

I purchased an 02 330i with a blown engine and swapped a ZHP engine into it along with the DME, cluster, keys, locks, and EWS.

Recently, I took it to a friend and he was trying to install a grey faceplate and end up damaging the motors on both the rpm and speed. So now I'm assed out of a cluster. The bright side is that he gave me an M3 cluster and it plugged right in and worked. The only issue is that the DSC light stays on and the mileage is incorrect. It has a tamper dot on it.

My question is, does anyone know how I can program the VIN and mileage on the donor DME, EWS, and M3 cluster to have everything correct? My true mileage is 149k which is similar to the one on the M3 cluster, but I want everything to match with my LCM so the tamper dot can go away and I won't have mismatch mileage when I take it to the dealership.

Please help. Thank you very much.

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08-30-2017, 12:15 PM
hi! how familiar are you with coding? what programs do you have? have you used them before?

what you are trying to do has been covered in depth in several topics in this subforum. most by me actually getting help trying to do what you are trying to do.

I dont want to start explaining and going down rabbit holes if you have virtually 0 experience with coding anything.

suffice to say, E46 clusters including the m3 clusters have an EEPRom chip that stores the mileage. it can only be written to by the BMW computer system. it can not be written to by any means via OBD port. the only time a cluster mileage can be written to is when you install either a brand new cluster OR a cluster that has been virginized... either cluster just mentioned is in a state that its ready to accept an initial coding 1 time only.. as soon as a virginized cluster is coded, it reads the mileage from the LCM/light control module and then thats it done.

the only way to virginize the cluster is to remove the EEPRom chip by means of desoldering from the cluster board and using an EEPRom programmer to do that and even then you have to know what you are looking for and programming. I dont know, only one person does on here and hes hardly active and always busy with his own stuff so dont count on that option.

Likewise with the EWS.

i can tell you from experience that it does not matter if you have mismatched vin when you go to the dealer. they scan the VIN code from the door jamb or read it from the dash. they do not read it from the ECU and even if they do, and there is a mismatch, they go with the one on the chassis.

I have an S54 swap with an M3 cluster and S54 DME.

my chassis has one VIN
DME has a different VIN
M3 cluster has a different VIN since its from a different M3
LCM has my chassis VIN.

when i installed the M3 cluster in my car with the M54 motor, all I had to do was recalibrate the Steering angle sensor/YAW sensor using the INPA program and that resolved the DSC/ABS light.

to remove the tamper DOT all i had to do was read the VIn and mileage from the M3 cluster and write it down... then i read the VIN and Mileage from my LCM and wrote that down and THEN i edited my LCM with the VIn and Mileage from the M3 cluster so that it matched. Tamper dot gone.

when i did my S54 swap i did more work to get the mileage to change. using PASoft there is a way to increase the mileage of the cluster in a crude way. you have to edit the tire scaling values in the cluster so that when yuo drive, the cluster remaps up miles very fast.

in my case my cluster had 129k and my chassis was 165k so I needed to increase the cluster. now if you have a case where your cluster is HIGHER than your chassis then you are out of luck here since you cant go backwards.

There are a lot of other small details im not covering here which are covered in existing threads in this forum. You should read through each of these as they all deal with the cluster and coding in some way and could help familiarize you with terminology, settings, procedures, steps etc.




the end result is that I have an M3 cluster with no warning lights, correct mileage BUT the VIN from the M3 it came from and my LCM is set with the VIN of the m3 as well so that I dont have a tamper dot.

this setup doesnt affect anything, no one questions it, i get emissions like normal no big deal, i went to the BMW dealer for airbag recall no big deal.

09-08-2017, 07:12 AM
Needless to say, its not the easiest process. Im still upset that my INPA does not have the correct menu to calibrate the Steering Sensor and therefore I seem to be pretty stuck with the DSC lights