View Full Version : Official Announcement -- BMWMafia.com

04-08-2011, 08:00 AM
I like to call ZHPMafia.com the anti forum. During its brief history, ZHPMafia.com has gone out of its way to cultivate a forum of BMW 330 ZHP owners who are collegial, professional, respectful, and kind to one another. Something interesting happened along the way, though. Instead of being an exclusive group of ZHP owners, ZHPMafia.com began to attract a host of BMW owners in general -- many of whom do not own a 330, let alone a ZHP-optioned BMW. Indeed, these members didn't mind hanging out with us on what is ostensibly a ZHP-specific forum. Instead, they simply wanted to be part of a drama-free forum where they could talk about their BMWs without having to deal with all of the other crap that typically comes along with it. Which leads us to today. As of one minute ago, BMWMafia.com (http://www.bmwmafia.com/forums/forum.php) opened its doors for business.

BMWMafia.com is a comprehensive BMW forum aimed at attracting high-quality members who are tired of the same old forum experience. BMWMafia.com is a drama-free environment that caters to people who want to be surrounded by people who are interested in educated, thoughtful and friendly discussions about BMW. At its core, BMWMafia.com wants to be what many BMW forums used to be 10-12 years ago: a place where people can congregate and discuss their cars without worrying about being flamed and ridiculed by a small -- but vocal -- group of idiots who don't seem all that interested in making the BMW forum experience an enjoyable one.

As for ZHPMafia.com, nothing changes here. It remains an independent site that still welcomes everyone with open arms. Indeed, today's announcement should not be construed as an ousting of our non-ZHP brethren. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Each one of our members is an integral part of this site. I hope that everyone will still continue to be active on this forum -- even though a bigger alternative is available next door.

Having said that, BMWMafia.com cannot succeed without you. I'm inviting everyone to join BMWMafia.com today. You'll be my army of members who help guide the early discussions on the site. Through your example, new members will quickly realize that they're among top-drawer people who simply want to discuss their BMWs and be friends. It's really as simple as that.

Therefore, let's do what we do: let's go have some fun.