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08-28-2011, 08:53 PM
It's that time of the year when I am now thinking about getting something else and awaiting new challenges.

The first picture is just before the H & R sport cup kit was fitted.




I am asking 9,500.00 OBO Don't be afraid to PM your offer!; I would much rather have an enthusiast drive my car and give it the treatment it deserves but if I get no offers I consider reasonable--the car will most likely be traded in...

I purchased the car in AUG 18, 2010. All the work performed has less then 7k miles.

The car is located in Reston, VA.

I had the sub-frame inspected by BMW of Sterling a week into owner ship. If you go to the dealer they will find

08/27/2010 N/A 129,137 4100938500 E46 Inspection of rear axle carrier (by customer request)

on their logs. I can also provide a paper copy.

The car has new

-New DISA.
-Radiator fan.
-OEM Fuel Filter at 130k.
-ECS tuning magnetic drain plug.
-OEM Clears out of a 03-05 E46 M3.
-Beisansystems VANOS seals.
-H & R sport cup kit with an estimated 25-35k miles.
-Strut Tower Re-enforcement plates.
-UUC clutch arm lever delrin bushings.
-Replaced the shifter rod knuckle.
-Replaced Dipstick o-rings and oil cap.
-RE rear shock mounts.
-RE RTAB's ( only driver side has been fitted ).
-RE power pulleys.
-UUC street trans mounts with enforcer cups. (will provide OEM pieces)
-Meyle HD passenger Side CA.
-Meyle HD FCAB's.
-CCV valve.
-Vacuum canister for the exhaust valve has been taken out ( Will provide )
-New OEM waterpump, Behr radiator ( not even 5k miles on it ) and also have a spare lower radiator coolant hose and water temp sensor O-ring along with a gallon of bmw coolant.
-RP trans oil.
-CDV valve delete ( can provide said valve ).
-About to change the oil using 7 quarts of BMW 5w-30 (done 08-29-11 @146k miles) and change the Differential fluid using RL 75w-90 oil (done 08.31.11 @ 146.5k miles)
-No need to press the clutch when starting ( can be changed back )
-One touch rear windows, one touch unlock, DRL's off, Seatbelt ding off, instrument cluster mph off set is off.
-Latest Euro 3 tune ( will provide VA DEQ emissions sheet showing it passed emissions )
-Misc things here and there.

It has had 3 Mobil 1 oil changes with OEM oil filters during the time I owned the car.

I just changed the oil (4th Time) using BMW 5w-30 and a OEM oil filter and it's good until 154k miles.

And I'm sure I'm leaving a few things I just can't remember.

The car came with a leatherette interior, sports package and no sunroof.

Now I will outline what the car MUST have fixed for everything to be proper but not necessarily drive-able.

-It will need two new front tires.

-4 wheel alignment.

-Rear Differential bushing; since it currently looks like this:


however no discernible noise can be heard or felt.

-Passenger side RE RTAB needs to be installed.

-Power steering pump makes noise. Could be as simple as a replacing the reservoir.

-Could use a passenger side window regulator and passenger window switch.

Paint wise the hood has what you would call highway rash; and is in a decent presentable condition with normal wear. Car was originally from Florida. Never seen a winter until this past one and the undercarriage was regularly washed.

Well let me know what you guys think, I may decide to keep the car after all this is a "Feeler"

08-29-2011, 05:11 PM
Digging the car. Glws

HTC Thunderbolt+TT

08-30-2011, 02:07 PM
Digging the car. Glws

HTC Thunderbolt+TT


Not much interest so far. Mileage might scare people. However it gives some 80k 330's a run for their money.

07-31-2012, 10:21 PM
SOLD a long time ago!

08-01-2012, 02:37 PM

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