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C Withers Media
10-03-2011, 05:48 PM
Sells for $74 to $120 new, this one was gently used on my 80-200 2.8 which is no longer in my bag.

$60 shipped.

First come, first serve.

Light rays which are reflected by any surface become polarized and polarizing filters are used to select which light rays enter your camara lens. The Circular Polarizing filter allows you to remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass etc. It also will enable colors to become more saturated and appear clearer, with better contrast. This effect is often used to increase the contrast and saturation in blue skies and white clouds. This Polarizing filter does not affect the overall color balance of a shot. Great for use with all traditional and digital cameras.

C Withers Media
10-03-2011, 05:53 PM
If you shoot cars, it is an essential tool to prevent glares and reflections on non metallic surfaces and glass.

10-03-2011, 06:31 PM

10-04-2011, 05:43 PM
Does brand matter?

C Withers Media
10-04-2011, 08:44 PM
No, as long as the diameter of the lense is 77mm it will fit.

C Withers Media
10-08-2011, 10:46 AM
Bump for all of the L glass ballers.

05-09-2012, 01:59 PM
So this will greatly reduce the flare of lights from chrome and such?

05-10-2012, 06:04 AM
No. CPLs work best on non-metallic surfaces. It wouldn't work too well with chrome. However, it would work on the paint of a metallic car. It also works well on the glass. It's also very good for reducing glare and reflections off water (think lake). Of course, it also works well at reducing polarized light in the sky, so you'll get a darker sky when using one.

05-10-2012, 09:31 AM
So this will greatly reduce the flare of lights from chrome and such?

I found some examples online:


The first pair is a little extreme but the second and third pairs are a good example of what you see.


05-10-2012, 10:02 AM
If this fit my camera....I'd own it.

05-10-2012, 10:07 AM
Agree, great filter to have.