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12-24-2010, 08:58 AM
ZHPMafia.com is a BMW enthusiast Web site geared toward owners and fans of the BMW 330 ZHP. Members of the site are professional, courteous, and friendly.

The ZHP package, code named after the performance package that was available to buyers of the 330 during 2003-2006, enjoys a healthy following. It's impossible to know how many customers ordered the ZHP package from BMW during the four years it was available (from 2003-2005 on sedans and 2004-2006 on the coupe), but it's believed that the ZHP package is, on a relative basis, a fairly rare option on the BMW 330. Indeed, the $3900 price tag for the package likely dissuaded car purchasers from ordering the vehicle with that option.

Still, despite the seeming rarity of the ZHP, there exists a group of vocal ZHP owners, strewn about the various BMW forums across the Internet, which warranted the creation of a site dedicated specifically to owners and enthusiasts of the ZHP-optioned BMW 330.

ZHPMafia.com is the result.

Meanwhile, ZHPMafia.com is not associated or affiliated with BMW AG or BMW NA. Unless otherwise indicated, the BMW trademarks on this Web site belong to BMW, including marks, model names, logos, and emblems.

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