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01-24-2012, 11:57 AM
Posting this up for a local friend. Fantastic car. Let me know if anyone wants contact info:

1998 M3 Coupe
86,606 Miles
Boston Green
5 Spd Manual
Price: $12K

I bought the car in June of 2007 from Enthusiast Auto. I've driven it for 1 winter and then bought a second car so the M3 didn't have to see a second winter. It's been garage stored every winter since. I regularly detail this car (Not Monkey detailed, but I'll spend 3 hours on a Saturday on it) to help keep the paint in great condition. The car is 14 years old, so some spots look like 14 year old paint.

The Good:
I've only seen one other car on Bimmerforums with this same color combo and he is in Cali, so you'll definitely stand out at a show. I haven't done anything with the interior except for changing the radio because the other one died. I've replaced the cooling system this past summer, water pump and all (OEM aluminum propeller, not Stewart WP). Oil changes with BMW and/or Mobil1 5W30 Fully Synthetic oil every 7K miles. Car does not leak anything; tranny, diff, engine show no leaks. No engine repairs have been or or have been needed.

The Bad:
The car was in a minor accident at 4ngiefest in April, 2011. The front grills and headlight trim piece were repainted and replaced, and the rear bumper and the trim under the tail lights were also replaced. All work done at Voss BMW with all documentation to show. Also had hail damage while waiting to get repaired at Voss, but Voss brought in their PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) guy and he did wonders. You can't find any dents from that storm, or at all. Because the piece that holds the kidney grills was repainted, the chips on the hood and front bumper stand out a little, but nothing you can see past 10 ft. The Check Engine light stays on because I have replaced the catalytic converters with "straight pipes," and a resonator. The O2 sensors are there, but since there are no cats, they read the same, hence the check engine light. I still have the full OEM system (Headers, Cats, Exhaust) if you wish to go back to the stock setup.

19" OEM CSL front wheels
H&R Sport springs
Koni Sport (Yellow) shocks and struts
SS Brake Lines
SS Clutch Line
e34 M5 Clutch with UUC Lightweight Flywheel
ZKW Headlights with 600K bulbs
Khoality LED Angel Eyes
Understeer.com SSK
CD43 Headunit
Supersprint Headers with straight pipe mid-pipe
Stromung Catback Exhaust
JTD Underpanel
DDM Splitters

Recently I've pieced together a history of everything that I've done with the car, that I can find receipts for. I KNOW that I've done regular oil changes on the car, I just can't find receipts for the early years that I've owned the car. But you can ask most of the members on here that know me, I do take care of my cars, and I make sure they look good when I take them out and that they perform great when out on drives.

Date Mileage Action Taken
12/6/2007 57665 Electrical Recall - Voss BMW
3/15/2008 Installed OEM Key Remote
9/5/2008 New Rear Tires, Installed Fender Liners and corner pans
9/12/2008 Replaced Brake Pads, Installed SS Brake Lines, Brake Fluid Flush
9/22/2008 67760 Replaced RTABs
9/22/2008 67760 Alignment
4/6/2010 76000 Installed M5 Clutch, UUC lightweight Flywheel, SS Clutch Line, Transmission mounts, 5th gear Detents
5/28/2010 Replaced Rear Tires
6/5/2010 Replaced RTABs
6/28/2010 78170 Replaced Shocks/Struts
6/28/2010 78175 Alignment
3/18/2011 82242 Alignment (did this just because it was free, and I wanted to know if I had any issues. I didn't)
3/26/2011 82327 Replaced A/C and Serpintine Belt
3/26/2011 82327 Installed SSK
4/9/2011 83442 Voss BMW Accident Repairs
5/13/2011 Replaced all Floormats
5/25/2011 83768 Replace Fuel Vent Line - Voss BMW
6/14/2011 Replaced Cooling System
6/30/2011 84050 Installed Headers/Midpipe
10/11/2011 Installed Stromung Exhaust
11/5/2011 86606 Changed Oil

BTW, The reasoning for my price is that an equal mileage car with similar options from EAG is $16,990, so you can buy my car from my for a lot less then buying it from them.

Pics right after I "dropped" the car:

01-24-2012, 01:58 PM
Beautiful car.

HTC Thunderbolt+TT

01-24-2012, 03:35 PM
Looks really clean, I likey!

01-24-2012, 05:42 PM
GLWS! It's a nice specimen!

01-24-2012, 06:28 PM
I have a soft spot for dark green cars. They're usually a rare color on nice cars but when on the right car or done right, green is damn sexy. This is no exception. love it

Mike V
01-24-2012, 08:17 PM
Definitely a rare color combo! Looks great.

01-26-2012, 11:25 AM
That is a gorgeous car. I wish I had $12k to burn...