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02-04-2012, 10:42 PM
I've owned it since new. Modded for fun/performance. M44, 5 Speed Manual trans. Replacement engine has +/- 130,000 miles. Chassis/odometer has 248,000.

Equally great for commute, track and date-night.

LOOKS- very good:
Brand new top and rear window.
Interior seating replaced 2 years ago.
Exterior paint shines.
Expected nicks and a couple of small door dings.

RUNS- very good to excellent:
Downing Atlanta roots type supercharger (DASC)
Technique Tuning Stage 1 sw optimized for DASC
3.91 limited slip differential
HD single mass clutch
HP is right around 210-225 at the crank

HANDLES- excellent:
Bilstein struts/shocks
Eibach springs
Eibach sway bars
m3 tower hats: reversed for -2* camber
z3 Steering rack: shorter lock-lock turning
And the limited slip diff mentioned above.

Will also sell custom built 4-pt roll bar with the car if you want to track it. Bar bolts in and out in 15 minutes max. Rear seats completely conceal bolt points when the bar is not in. Top goes up and down over bar with no issues. Bar is built for driver 6'2" and passed 'tech' at 4 norcal tracks.

Asking $6,800.00 with roll bar. NOW 5,800 with roll bar
$5,800 without roll bar. NOW 4,800 without bar

Will NOT part out except the roll bar.

Photos here: https://picasaweb.google.com/johnorbon/February42012

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