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i preface this with the following: if you dont like the price, please dont comment. im not trying to make my money back on this car as I have much more in it. i tried to build a 24v e30 the right way the first time around. i wanted something that didnt show much of any corners cut and wanted it done in a proper manner.

also, yes, this is "madface's old car". i dont need that posted in here X amount of times.

1991 BMW 318is E30 coupe
Diamantschwarz metallic
Tan sport leather interior
Keyless entry system (installed by PO, not working as of now)
(1) used OE BMW key fob
(2) new spares cut


-M52 24v motor mid-90k miles (painted black), Pulled from a running vehicle (rear ended)
-OBDI wiring harness
-OBDI fuel rail
-OBDI sensors
-24v oil pan (painted black)
-5spd ZF transmission (painted black)
-OEM M3 single mass clutch kit
-e36 driveshaft
-Red label DME
-working heat/no A/C

Maintenance (all items listed NEW):

-new Water pump w/ upgraded metal impeller
-Upgraded 120amp alternator (reman)
-(6) new NGK spark plugs
-new Center bearing
-new power steering rack boots (driver side inner torn)
-new Thermostat housing
-new 92 degree Thermostat
-new Rear drive axles
-new Front control arms and bushings
-new Tie rod ends
-new dip stick tube seal
-new oil pressure switch
-oil pick up
-new Rear sway bar endlinks
-All belts new
-new Headgasket set
-new Valve cover gasket
-24v oil pan
-new Valve cover grommets
-new Intake manifold gasket
-new Throttle body gasket
-new Oil filter kit (filter, seal)
-new Oil pan gasket
-new E34 M5 motor mounts
-2.93 rear differential w/ new seal done
-new oil drain plug/seal
-new crankshaft oil seal/front
-new crankshaft oil seal/rear (metal)
-new (2) knock sensors
-new 325ix brake booster
-new Spal cooling fan
-new radiator drain petrooster
-new Mishimoto radiator
-new Coolant bottle
-new coolant bottle cap
-new radiator mounts
-new camshaft position sensor
-new head bolts/hardware
-Oxygen sensor
-new 6cyl coding plug for tach correction
-Brakes/pads supposedly done before I bought it
-new m50/s50 Coolant hoses
-new e36 slave cylinder
-new e36 ///M throw out bearing
-new shift fork in bellhousing
-All fluids flushed/replaced (diff, trans, clutch, brake, coolant)
-All wiring pinned out (uses same body harness connector from OE body wiring and pinned out to the OBDI engine harness using OE connector)


-M52 polished OBX headers modified
-Custom 2.25 exhaust (flex/resonator/2.25 in – dual 3.5 out magnaflow 14816 muffler)
-OBD I conversion/red label DME
-Larger 3.5 inch MAF from 540i
-Bimmerworld euro MAF adapter
-ejnight black 24v skidplate
-cone filter


-Tan sport interior
-Mint/crack free OE E30 dashboard
-carpet dash cover
-ZHP weighted 5spd shift knob with ///M logo (comes with OE shift knob/boots)
-Tri-color ///M stitched Matt-B shift/e-brake boots in faux leather (black)
-M-tech 1 steering wheel (great shape, comes with OE steering wheel/airbag)
-Brand new tan/brown/black front and rear floor mats
-New door panel clips for both doors
-New side mirror glass (uninstalled)
-new interior door handles and door handle trim
-convex rear view mirror
-OE glass sunroof (siliconed shut by PO, I have an OE sunroof seal for it, wont be installed before sale
-325is tweeter pods


-Alpine headunit (ill have to pull the model number later)
-iPod integration cable
-Alpine 1000w mono amp (sub amp)
-Alpine 500-600w 4channel amp (speaker amp)
-Infinity Kappa Perfect 5 ¼ component front speakers
-Infinity Reference 5 ¼ rear deck speakers
-Alpine 10 inch type-R subwoofer in custom sealed box
-modified 325is tweeter pods
-Rockford fosgate digi cap
-amp wiring kit
-amp rack/sub box all carpeted to match OE carpet


-KW coilovers
-BBS RS 16x9 (2 ½ lip) et13 front 16x10 et13 rear (3 ½ lip) (drilled and plugged, originally 4x114.3)
-lips and caps wet sanded and repolished
-BBS valve stems and caps new
-Falken 512 215/40/16 front and 225/40/16 rear tires (80 miles or so on them now)
-3 spare used falken 512 tires (old tires)
-half-height polished hex caps
-front stud conversion
-(2) 3mm and (2) 5mm H&R spacers stacked in front
-4 corner alignment


-textured side moldings
-repainted OE rear decklid spoiler in flat black
-Euro textured front/rear bumper moldings new
-new BMW roundels front/rear
-black euro kidneys
-OE VW N/A lip
-euro smilies
-retrofitted HIDs
- BMW europlate frame with your choice of either a pair (2) of black w/ white lettering “TRITONE” plates or (1) black with silver lettering “BASTARD” plate if you so choose to want one
-hirschmann power antenna w/ OE grommet (not installed)


- VERY SMALL amount of rust starting under passenger rear bumper. not very noticeable and very common for e30 chassis cars
- paint is probably a 6.5-7 out of 10. for being as old as it is its in great shape but has its bad areas. Car was repainted at some point in its life
- moon roof has been siliconed shut (I guess from leaking the PO was too lazy to put a new seal in, I have a brand new seal for it but havent replaced it and probably wont, it will come with the car)
- interior has its little blemishes here and there but over all is in great shape, rear bench is perfect and front seats have some cracking but nothing major and what I consider to still be in great shape given the age (im very picky about aesthetics on my cars)
- when previous owner built the wheels it appears he did his math wrong on the offsets and when he bolted them to the car he went for a drive and the inner barrel flattened out the bottom couple threads on each of the front coilovers. yeah, this sucks but the car honestly couldnt drive any lower than it is right now and so those threads couldnt be utilized anyways.
- drivers side inner rack boot is torn
- some small alternator noise coming through speakers when stereo is on and volume is turned all the way down. I haven’t had a chance to go through the system since it was installed by the shops audio installer and probably wont. Once the music is turned up the slightest bit you cant hear it so it hasn’t been of concern to me right now.
- exhaust does make contact with underside of car around console area when driving. Its an on and off again thing, sort of came with the territory of the swap and I don’t plan to spend time on fixing it as it doesn’t bother me too much.
- some front end vibration at highway cruising speeds due to not having correct hubcentric rings. The correct rings (as im told) should be 64mm outer bore/57.1 inner bore. The previous owner sort of “made” a set that seemed to work which are currently removed. I may try to reinstall those and see how they work.
- odometer doesn’t work. Common e30 problem due to the plastic gears breaking. Was like this before I acquired the car.
-I have the old ebrake, shift boot, and ebrake boot you can have as well in addition to the old OE airbag steering wheel. You can also pick through my old m42/m44 motor parts and take anything that may be of significance to you and this car.
-carpet UNDER the floor mats is showing its age a bit

In summation and my reasoning for sale:

There are still some parts that were installed by the shop that I don’t have documentation of at this point. The majority of the motor swap was done at Grossman Tuning and the exhaust was done by Tachyon Performance. Overall, I am pleased with how this car has turned out. With the ZF transmission, 2.93 LSD differential, and the motor, it drives like an e36 car. The car cruises excellent on the highway and in city driving which was what I was going for. At the same time, I chose the 2.93 LSD rear end for the previous owner as well, this differential is optimal for track setups or forced induction cars if those are routes the new owner wishes to take, this car could easily go either way with some more direction-specific modification. As previously stated, Im pretty anal/a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my cars so there are obviously things I still want to do to this car. The motor is setup to the point now where it should be leak free and give the new owner ZERO problems with how much work and new parts went into it. I do have a picture of the head/cam shafts if you would like to see those. In the first 2 months of ownership of this car I found out that I bought a car from a seller who was less than honest and lacked the ability to work on this car the correct way. This car is 100% and has a clean bill of health. I listed every possible little thing wrong with this car because I want the buyer to be informed about any issues and know what they are coming into and not having the terrible “gift that kept on giving” in the first 3 months of my ownership of this vehicle. That being said, the “issues” this car has I don’t really consider being true issues. They are small, very fixable things requiring little time. I am just at a point right now where I feel “finished” with it. I am still working on getting a motor/interior shot of the car from the show I took it to recently. After seeing the car that show weekend, people/my friends think I am absolutely insane for getting rid of this vehicle but financially, it makes sense at this point in my life to cut "toys" out of the equation.

With that being said and the info provided, I am currently asking $14,000 obo. Only trades Im entertaining are for clean (title and aesthetically) 600cc motorcycles + cash. ill entertain offers but please dont approach me as a lowballer. please PM with questions/concerns/etc.

Here are the best quality pictures I have of the car at this point in time (courtesy of Mr. Patrick McCue in Cincinnati and Mr. Anthony Sundell here in Louisville). I am trying to get some interior and engine bay pictures and as soon as I have those they will be added to the original post here.

https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/196646_739115270294_38310924_39060736_5932900_n.jp g
https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/189926_739115375084_38310924_39060738_7487414_n.jp g

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Need pics of interior. One of the few things you didn't say we couldn't ask. Thanks.

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per the OP, im waiting on some interior and bay shots from my buddy that did a quick shoot of it. he does photography for a high end car dealer in cincy and edits every single day so non-paying or weekend shots for friends cars get put on the back burner.

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per the OP, im waiting on some interior and bay shots from my buddy that did a quick shoot of it. he does photography for a high end car dealer in cincy and edits every single day so non-paying or weekend shots for friends cars get put on the back burner.


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Sick car :drool

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