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04-23-2012, 08:26 AM
I've posted this story on other forums and gladly do so again.
Last March, en route from St. Petersburg, FL to Amelia Island, FL in our new-to-us 2003 525i, we heard the chime and saw the message " Check Oil Level". We stopped, checked the level...low...and added the quart of oil we carry. Luckily BMW of Ocala was just around the corner.
At the dealership, a dealership with whom we've never dealt, our car was taken to the service area, codes checked, put on the lift & eyeballed for leaks. The car was returned to us with a clean bill of health. When we enquired as to the cost we were pleasently suprised when we were told "Of course there's no charge." :clap2

While purchasing another few quarts of oil (just in case) we were given the address and phone of the BMW dealer at our destination on the off-chance the problem reoccured.

A lesser dealership would have treated us as an opportunity to fatten the bottom line. I can tell you for a fact, had this happened in our hometown of St. Petersburg, the local stealership would have charged us about $65. to read the codes then another hour of labor to put the car on the lift. As a Capitalist Pig I understand making money. What BMW of Ocala did was resist the fast dollar but earned tons of customer goodwill. Not only have we sung the praises of this dealership to various BMW forums, www.dealerrater and BMW NA but they are now our parts source for both our BMW's and future car purchases. :toot

That's my story & I'm stickin' to it.