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07-18-2012, 02:56 PM
So, as some of you know, I might be the only person in the world with 8 chromed 135's, as I a long time ago I bought an extra set of 135s to go 8.5 all the way around. (Got a good deal). Hadn't yet made the switch but I have my 8's in the front, and the "new" 8.5s in the rear (because of the tires that came with them).

Turns out, the rear is cracked. So, now, unfortunately, I have to put 8's all the way around. The problem is that I have 255/35 on the rear. (225/40 fronts) Can I put 255/35 on the 8s in the rear with no problem?

The other option of course, is to go back to my 8.5s and stay staggered for now, but I'm thinking I might as well go squared since I'm messing with things. Thoughts?

imola red zhp
07-18-2012, 04:40 PM
John I remember on on some other wheel threads you mentioned the favorite is 245-40-18 square, that maybe your option now, you will have to buy tires regardless unless you stay staggered.

Question for my car 235-40-18 front and 265-35-18 rear on 18x8 and 18x9 ? Will these work.. stock suspension?

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07-18-2012, 05:39 PM
Thanks for the response Dennis. I'm hoping not to have to buy tires yet. At minimum, I switch out the bad 8.5 and put in a good one, using the same tires, but I'm still staggered.

OR, I switch to 8's all the way around with the rear 255/35 on 8s.

When I'm ready to go square all the way around I'll buy 4 245-40.

BTW, these are all 18". So, at this moment, I have 4 8's and 3 8.5s that are good. Any more input?

EDIT: Think I answered my own question. Had some time to finally get online and look it up. They fit, but it's not recommend, due to the tire being slightly too large, and therefore handling might suffer. Guess I'll go with the 8.5 rim replacement, then go 8's all the way around when it's time to buy new tires. Bummed about that, but it's the right solution money-wise.