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02-18-2013, 10:06 AM
Wow, the lengths to which some will go in doing a build like this. Impressive, to say the least.

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This listing is for a V8 swap car built for doing track days, Time Trials, and/or SCCA Autox. The build is featured in this build thread (http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1225465). This car was originally an autoxer built for SCCA Street Mod class as well as an occasional drag racer. The previous owner installed a turbo on the original S52 and, no surprise, it blew up. He then removed the BMW drivetrain and that is how I purchased it, as a rolling chassis. Some of the electrical harness had been cut up as well the interior was somewhat disassembled so it reality was a rolling basket case. The decision to make it a LS1 car was a no-brainer as it was the perfect candidate (No BMW purist hate, please).

I had a vision of building a modern version of the original Shelby Cobra and competing in SCCA's X-Prepared autox class as well as NASA Time Trials. Take a small, lightweight car and stick an American V8 in it but this time it would be better. I started with a modern fuel injected all aluminum LS motor along with a modern race-prepped suspension so this iteration of the formula is much improved over those cars of the '60s.

Over the last five years I have changed direction slightly and recently my focus has been on finishing the car as something that is primarily a track & autoxer but also has the ability to be streetable. The next owner can either keep it as is and drive it to car meets as well as races or throw in a full cage and dedicate it to track use. The choice is yours as the foundation is set. This truly is a one-of-a-kind automobile.

Do note when reviewing the details and modifications, in almost all instances top end components were employed and no short cuts were taken. There was a lot of time taken considering the best way to do something, not always the easiest, and I think the end results show that. Also, this car is immaculately clean; inside, out, underneath, etc. As always, if you were to add up the receipts and labor, I've probably spent twice as much as my asking price and it would be hard pressed to duplicate the efforts. Thanks again for your consideration.



Asking Price:
Major Modifications:
24,xxx miles on chassis
LS1 5.7ltr V8, all aluminum (approx 400 hp)
BW T-56 6-speed manual, MZ3 Diff
Estoril Blue with Blue/Black Interior
OEM BMW Hardtop (roll-around storage cart & cover included) Clean & Clear Title, No Liens, No Salvage


http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-4RgPW4N/0/M/z3m-004-M.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-4RgPW4N/0/O/z3m-004.jpg)

There are a lot of custom modifications to the exterior of this Z3 M that are quite obvious to even a casual BMW fan. First up is the TC Kline Carbon Fiber Hood (not a cheap knock-off Fiberglass blend) that takes a 50+ pound stock hood down to under 10 pounds. It can be lifted with your pinkie finger. This is secured via two hood pins at the front and the factory hinges in the rear. The major changes to the original shape come from custom steel flairs bonded on the front clam-shell hood and lower front fender sections. These cover the giant 18x10.5" wide front wheels. The rear is also modified with flared our and smoothed factory sheet metal, doing a fair job of covering those monster 315 mm rear tires on 18x11" wheels.

Custom front bumper splitter/extensions were added. Then the entire front of the car plus the rear fenders were repainted in December 2012, to a very high standard for a race car. The paint is not perfect though, as there are a few small scratches and chips, so don't expect to enter it in the Concours d'Elegance. To reduce weight, custom front front and rear bumper supports were made to replace the factory 5 mph bumper shocks and the factory aluminum bumper sections were "swiss cheesed", after spending many hours with a hole saw. A Motion Motorsports Aluminum front under tray (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-WfKxbHF/0/M/DSC_0644-M.jpg) was added to clean up under-car air flow. Externally all oft he BMW badges (aka: Roundels) are brand new and the car has the correct Z3M Headlights, side markers/grills, and Tail Lights, all in perfect condition. Custom ordered LS1 badges, made from aluminum and in a match blue color, adorn the sides - to let passersby know what's under the hood, in case it isn't running (when it is, it's obvious!).

http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-TnRWxW8/1/Th/2_DSC8267%20copy-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-TnRWxW8/1/XL/2_DSC8267%20copy-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-QmVwcWr/0/Th/small_DSC0892%20copy-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-QmVwcWr/0/XL/small_DSC0892%20copy-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-RRq2C9d/1/Th/_DSC8280%20copy-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-RRq2C9d/1/XL/_DSC8280%20copy-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-VjdkDTP/0/Th/_DSC8286%20copy-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-VjdkDTP/0/XL/_DSC8286%20copy-XL.jpg)

http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-mwRGtzg/1/Th/z3m-001-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-TLLPj6P/0/XL/z3m-001-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-X94wPZG/1/Th/z3m-003-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-pVKFpHt/0/XL/z3m-003-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-4RgPW4N/0/Th/z3m-004-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-4RgPW4N/0/XL/z3m-004-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-pLHh2Bt/1/Th/z3m-002-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-W75mX9z/0/XL/z3m-002-XL.jpg)
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interior & electrical

http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-x35m7bM/0/M/Interior%201%20Final-M.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-x35m7bM/0/X3/Interior%201%20Final-X3.jpg)

The interior of this Z3M Roadster is modified but has many of the original panels still intact, and in good condition. The seats have been replaced with Sparco Evo 2 models, both for the driver's side with an adjustable fore-aft slider and the fixed passenger seat. These were purchased new and have been sat in maybe a dozen times - flawless. A brand new Momo Suede Steering Wheel is affixed to the OEM steering column, and there is a working horn button on the dash. G-Force 6-point Camlock Harnesses are brand new and fitted to both seats and mounted to the chassis with proper hardware. The factory instrucment panel is still functional and shows the original 24K mileage. These gauges are supplimented with Autometer Mechanical Oil Pressure, Oil Temp (not connected), and Water Temp Gauges in the factory center console. In place of the center AC vents is a custom Longacre 6-Switch Instrument Panel W/ Push Button Start feature. This panel has been upgraded with Aircraft Spruce 12v Switches and these control the ingition, fan, power windows and hazards. The factory center console has custom Shifter Boot and cover, integrated with the factory shift boot above and a flame-proof Joe's Racing thermally insulated shift boot below. The factor sound snsulation/matting/carpeting have been removed and the now exposed floor section has been painted the Estoril blue to match the exterior (normally this has a green/primer hue, under the tar insulation panels). All of the climate control & ventilation systems have been removed, to minimize weight on this approx 2450 pound car.

The entire car has been rewired with over 30 lbs of unnessecary circuits and wiring removed. All connectors are GM-style weatherpack or original BMW, and connections properly crimped and covered in heat-hrink. The use of factory BMW wiring colors and the original diagrams were kept, when possible. Detailed documentation included with the sale of the car. Proper wire loom covers all wiring in neat and tidy bundles. Basic systems remaining include - All exterior lights, Turn Signals, Horn, Wipers, Power Windows, Side Mirrors, Key-On ingition. Original Instrument Panel Function includes: Speedometer, Odometer, Fuel Gauge, Light, Check Engine Light. Vorshlag supplied custom LSX Engine Wiring Harness was utilized with a 1999 model C5 Corvette ECM. The system is charged from a brand new alternator and run into an Optimum PC680 battery (trunk mounted) with a Rennline aluminum battery tie-down and a Quick Disconnect with removable key.

http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-TzBcccZ/0/Th/DSC_1468-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-TzBcccZ/0/XL/DSC_1468-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-xcXsb96/0/Th/DSC_1457-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-xcXsb96/0/XL/DSC_1457-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-pqXJrsk/0/Th/DSC_3080-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-pqXJrsk/0/XL/DSC_3080-XL.jpg)

http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-rMckm4G/0/Th/304932565_dBwtS-XL-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-rMckm4G/0/M/304932565_dBwtS-XL-M.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-QHdsjz3/0/Th/365875827_Sr2L8-XL-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-QHdsjz3/0/M/365875827_Sr2L8-XL-M.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-kBCXp8P/0/Th/365875335_NaEoQ-XL-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-kBCXp8P/0/M/365875335_NaEoQ-XL-M.jpg)
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suspension - brakes - wheels
Suspension: The Z3M is fitted with a brand new, complete AST 4100 Adjustable Coil-Over Kit. These are fitted with Hypercoil Springs with rates of 500 #/in front and 650 #/in rear. The front struts are fitted with Vorshlag Camber/Caster Plates, also brand new. Agency Power Sway Bars w/ Poly Bushings & New Endlinks are on both ends. Lightweight aluminum E30 M3 front lower control arms (LCAs) were fitted in place of the heavy cast steel factory units, and the rear LCA bushings are spherical units from Ground Control. The rear trailing arms have a welded AKG mounting kit for eccentric bolts to be able to alter rear toe and camber control, a feature lacking in the original Z3M. Polyurethane Rear Control Arm and Subframe Bushings were added as well.

Wheels/Tires: CCW 3-Piece Polished Classic Wheels are in perfect shape and have no nicks, bends or blemishes. They are sized 18x10.5 in front and 18x11 in the rear. These are fitted with 285/30/18 front and 315/30/18 Hoosier A6 tires, which "have seen beter days" (dead). The wheels "make the car", and have a lot of dish at both ends. Note: the rear wheels could also be tucked inboard a solid 1.5-2" if you want a narrower rear track. Just give John @ CCW a call.

http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-9WHdm29/0/Th/DSC_9906-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-9WHdm29/0/XL/DSC_9906-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-f5h2PhL/0/Th/DSC_0642-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-f5h2PhL/0/XL/DSC_0642-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-5BZzbnc/0/Th/DSC_2385-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-5BZzbnc/0/XL/DSC_2385-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-GTRQbFm/0/Th/DSC_7163-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-GTRQbFm/0/XL/DSC_7163-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-jgF6hwn/0/Th/DSC_6479-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-jgF6hwn/0/XL/DSC_6479-XL.jpg)
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Brakes: The Z3M had a completely custom brake set-up when I purchased it, but it wasn't very effective. I have replaced this with E36 M3 front calipers w/ brass inserts, new OEM E36 "Euro" M3 lightweight front rotors. These are 2-piece factory rotors with aluminum hats and pin-drive rotor section, as fitted to the European E36 M3. The rear has the proper MZ3 rear calipers and new rotors. New Hawk HP+ Brake Pads are on all four corners with Goodrich stainless brake flex lines at each location. A 1997 E36 M3 ABS Pump, Module, Booster, and master cylinder are fitted, with the ABS Pump Relocated to Transmission Tunnel via custom Vorshlag bracketry. Custom remote brake reservoirs are fitted and plumbed to feed the relocated ABS pump. The entire car has been replumbed with new hardlines and the relocated ABS components are plumbed with Brakequip Stainless Brake Lines/Fittings, built by Pirtek. Note: the ABS Pump is NOT Wired and Remains Non-Functional but is Intact. The brakes work well in "non-ABS" mode, however. Motul RBF 600 DOT 4 brake fluid is used throughout and Vorshlag 90mm wheel studs and black lug nuts are fitted to each hub, to finish things up.

http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Racing-Events/SCCA-Crandall-092312/i-4mC2Ldm/2/S/DSC_4927-S.jpg http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Racing-Events/SCCA-Crandall-092312/i-ZJLFL4t/2/S/DSC_4938-S.jpg
Racing the Z3 M at an SCCA autocross, Sept 23, 2012 (before the custom flares, final bodywork and paint)

drivetrain modifications
http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-M8F5HmT/0/M/z3m-005-M.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-M8F5HmT/0/X3/z3m-005-X3.jpg)

This 2000 BMW Z3 M Roadster has had a "V8" swap using Vorshlag Motorsports components and an all-aluminum LS1 V8 and 6-spd manual. This started with the "Vorshlag Stage 0 Kit" (http://www.vorshlag.com/index.php?cPath=1_4_63), which included Vorshlag Poly LSX Motor & Transmission Mounts, Vorshlag 1-3/4" Stainless Headers, Vorshlag Z3 3" Aluminum Driveshaft and Vorshlag Z2 Steering Shaft. The engine was a '00 5.7ltr LS1 (approx 60k), with All Stock internals. Originally installed in a Trans Am. Then a new LS6 intake manifold, new LS6 throttle body, new LS6 injectors, SLP LS6 MAF, and a custom intake/Cold-Air System was created to fit the chassis. Updates to the engine include an ATI Crank Pulley W/ARP Crank Bolt, New Waterpump & Alternator (F-body Accessories & Brackets), Turn-One PowerSteering Pump W/Custom Pirtek Hoses & Adapters, Katech manual pulley tensioner, fresh MSD 8mm Plug Wires & AC Delco Plugs, Lokar Stainless Steel Braided Throttle Cable, all new GM Oxygen Sensors, and always used with Mobil1 Oil & Filter.

The fuel system has a 600+hp capacity and was built under the eye of a professional plumbing system expert. The system uses almost all Aeroquip AN aluminum fittings with stainless braided line. The style of system has a full Return Desig with -8AN supply and -6AN return, plubed with an Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator w/Gauge into FAST Billet Fuel Rails. The cooling has been upgraded using a Mishimoto Aluminum Z3 Radiator, in the factory location. This radiator is cooled with a front mounted/pusher 12" Electric Fan that is both manaually Switch controlled as well as ECM controlled.

http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Product-Pictures/Vorshlag-E36-LS1-Swap-Kit/DSC0003/880165865_YVgQU-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Product-Pictures/Vorshlag-E36-LS1-Swap-Kit/DSC0003/880165865_YVgQU-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/photos/522767275_S2qaH-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/photos/522767275_S2qaH-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Product-Pictures/Vorshlag-E36-LS1-Swap-Kit/i-c3MxRzb/0/Th/DSC7718-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Product-Pictures/Vorshlag-E36-LS1-Swap-Kit/i-c3MxRzb/0/XL/DSC7718-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Product-Pictures/Vorshlag-Suspension-Products/DSC1768/934966086_vsARV-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Product-Pictures/Vorshlag-Suspension-Products/DSC1768/934966086_vsARV-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/photos/523299416_56ivL-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/photos/523299416_56ivL-XL.jpg)

http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-2mz9VRT/0/Th/DSC_2400-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-2mz9VRT/0/XL/DSC_2400-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-TfV2zPT/0/Th/DSC_0725-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-TfV2zPT/0/XL/DSC_0725-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-DN8K5f9/0/Th/DSC_2079-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-DN8K5f9/0/XL/DSC_2079-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-XWFG4ZS/0/Th/DSC_2060-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-XWFG4ZS/0/XL/DSC_2060-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-wvJ7VSL/0/Th/DSC_6459-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-wvJ7VSL/0/XL/DSC_6459-XL.jpg)
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The rest of the drivetrain is also top notch. A completely rebuilt T-56 6-speed transmission (which came from a '00 Trans Am) is used with Redline ATF Fluid. This is connected to a OEM GM Z06 LS7 Clutch & Pressure Plate and a lightweight Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel. , and a Vorshlag supplied custom hydraulic throw-out bearing & braided hose kit w/ fittings. A GM Clutch fluid reservoir was added to make bleeding easy and to keep the hudraulic fluid from the clutch and brake systems separate. The Mcleod 3" Set-back Custom Billet Shifter makes the shifter fall to your hand in this Z3 chassis, and is adjustable fore-aft and side-to-side. This is connected to a Longacre Aluminum Shift Lever w/ White Round Knob. The rear axle assembly includes the Z3M M3 188mm ring gear housing with E36 M3 Dual Tab Differential Housing and custom reinforced rear diff crossmember mount, integrated into the trunk floor. The housing has a Rouge finned Differential Cover/cooler and inside is equipped with a Quaife Differential w/ 2.73 Gears and used with Redline Fluid. The custom rear trunk dual tab diff mounting work is very stout and overbuilt.

http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-gts8FLt/0/Th/DSC_1453-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-gts8FLt/0/XL/DSC_1453-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-z8fTR2C/0/Th/DSC_2409-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/i-z8fTR2C/0/XL/DSC_2409-XL.jpg)

A custom Vorshlag 3" ALL Stainless Exhaust was built for this car, a true dual system with 304SS mandrel bent tubing, V-Band Clamps, custom X-merge, poyurethane mounts on the hangers, and finally Flowmaster Stainless 3-Chamber Mufflers with 4" chrome tips. The system also includes two 3" Hi-Flow Billet Catalytic Converters for a smog-friendly exhaust. This system cost thousands of dollars and is truly a work of art from underneath, and the exhaust sounds emmenating from this chassis are amazing. Not too loud, but it will get your attention and there's no mistaking that a V8 is living underhood.

http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Service/Exhaust-Systems/i-sbZN5BR/0/Th/DSC_6290-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Service/Exhaust-Systems/i-sbZN5BR/0/XL/DSC_6290-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Service/Exhaust-Systems/i-S5MCzn5/0/Th/DSC_6293-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Service/Exhaust-Systems/i-S5MCzn5/0/XL/DSC_6293-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Service/Exhaust-Systems/i-9mRTqFn/0/Th/DSC_6261-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Service/Exhaust-Systems/i-9mRTqFn/0/XL/DSC_6261-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Service/Exhaust-Systems/i-jdLqQHw/0/Th/DSC_6282-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Service/Exhaust-Systems/i-jdLqQHw/0/XL/DSC_6282-XL.jpg) http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Service/Exhaust-Systems/i-zdqdnMH/0/Th/DSC_6289-Th.jpg (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Service/Exhaust-Systems/i-zdqdnMH/0/XL/DSC_6289-XL.jpg)

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contact info


There are hundreds of pictures of this car, as it was being built over the past 3-5 years, located here (http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Projects/McCalls-BMW-E367-M-Roadster/). I just put a small sampling here. Most are "work in process" as the car was being built, mostly in my garage. Additional "finished" pictures will be taken and added to the ad in the coming days. If you would like to know more about this car, please call Jason McCall at 214-693-3115 or email mccallj@gmail.com (Not Vorshlag, this is a private individual's car). I do not offer financing and am not interested in trades. Payment with cash or cashier's check only. The car is located in the Dallas, TX area. Delivery is available within a 250 mile range. If you would like to ship this car nationally, I have some experience in this and can point you to several brokers that I have used in the past. Thanks again!