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    Quickjack 5000slx

    A couple more with the E46 up.

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    Quickjack 5000slx

    I have seen them both ways and I agree it is a simple decision to lift forward or backward. I have bicycles on the wall in front of the X5 so it would

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    Quickjack 5000slx


    Noticing that you have your frames facing in the opposite direction from mine (and the video). Probably doesn't matter and I'm

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    Quickjack 5000slx

    Sure enough the weather turned good today so I had a chance to assemble the QuickJack 7000EXT and set everything up. I can easily move around under the

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    New leather wheel

    Well that makes feel bad because Im more interested in spending on stuff for the car and stocking stuffers for people... you think I can get a preview

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    Quickjack 5000slx

    Great, thanks. I'll try not to lose em

    With the ZHP and the E92 in storage, first test lift had to be on my winter ride (and test the Truck

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    Quickjack 5000slx

    They are spare wheels for the lift.

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    2010 E93 space grey, 6MT, take me off the ledge or push me

    Thanks boss, but not yet!

    Going for a second drive in another gray rainy day this PM.

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    Quickjack 5000slx

    The Assembly drawing for the Quickjack in the hardcopy manual on page 60 shows these 2 wheels next to the Power Unit but not what they're for or where

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    Quickjack 5000slx

    Plan on running out and getting the transmission fluid today and wrapping this up. Leveraging your experience assembling this, what are the 2 black bushings/wheels

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    OEM TPMS Retrofit- The full package doityourself

    Can I verify that I dont need TPMS sensors in the wheels to do this retrofit? Just coding and run the hard wire and switch? Thank you this is a great

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    Quickjack 5000slx

    The assembly is simple and you really can't make a mess. No fear, boys!

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    ZHPMafia.com is a BMW E46 330 ZHP forum geared toward owners and enthusiasts of the BMW 330 ZHP. While the site says ZHPMafia.com -- which means that many of us are here because of the ZHP option package found on the E46 BMW -- we are an inclusive group. Thus, while the sites primary focus is on the BMW 330 ZHP performance package, our members are interested, first and foremost, in all things BMW.
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    Question: When did the BMW 330 ZHP first debut?
    Answer: The BMW 330 ZHP, which was created by BMW Individual (a division of BMWs M performance division), debuted at the Los Angeles International auto show on January 2, 2003. Production was scheduled for March with the first ZHP-equipped 330s hitting showrooms in April.

    Picture from the 2003 LA Auto Show:

    Question: How much did the ZHP package cost?
    Answer: $3900.

    Question: What transmissions were available for the BMW 330 ZHP?
    Answer: The 2003 model was only available in a 6-speed (Getrag) manual transmission (GS6-37BZ, part number 23007532498). From 2004 to 2006, the ZHP was available in a 6-speed manual transmission and automatic transmission.

    Question: Was the ZHP ever available in SMG?
    Answer: No. We've discussed that issue here and here.

    Question: Was the BMW 330 ZHP available outside of the E46 platform?
    Answer: No. The 330 ZHP was only available for the E46. It was not available, for example, on the E90 330, which debuted during the summer of 2005.

    Question: What is the ZHP's horsepower?
    Answer: It is 235 HP at 5900 RPM, which is 10 HP more than the standard BMW 330.

    Question: What about torque?
    Answer: The ZHP puts down 222 lb-ft of torque at 3500 RPM, which is 8 lb-ft torque more than the standard BMW E46 330.

    Question: What is the redline for the BMW ZHP?
    Answer: It is 6800 RPM, which is 300 RPM more than the standard BMW E46 330.

    Non-ZHP instrument cluster (white needles ...