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    ZHPizza's red car

    In other news, I'm still rocking the e36m ebay rep mirrors. I'll throw a bunch of pics here since I can't remember what thread I had posted them in.

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    ZHPizza's red car

    Lol I'm happy with the M54. Hoping to get it dyno tuned once I am happy with the exhaust. A little more torque paired with the 3.23 lsd *chef's kiss*Hopefully

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    What did you do for your ZHP/ BMW / MINI today? #2

    Since I am known to occasionally (frequently) test the limits of tire adhesion on cloverleafs and other curvy roads, I prefer to stick with the grippiest

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    What did you do for your ZHP/ BMW / MINI today? #2

    That's bitten me before; Discount Tire wasn't really upfront about that.

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    ZHPizza's red car

    I've been running the BW RTABs and I don't mind them, but I'm not too sensitive to changes. Usually I get parts installed, something feels stiffer or

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    ZHPizza's red car

    Hey, when are those Schmiedmann headers going in along with the Magnaflow cat? Interested to know how well the headers fit and if you plan to add in post

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    FS PDC for Sedan

    Picked this up when I first got my zhp with the intent to add it on but I won’t be doing it prior to listing the car for sale in the spring. In the pictures

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    John in VA

    Window Tint, After Market?

    The "factory look" is achieved by a competent tint professional. I thought the factory glass only cut transmission by 10-15%.

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    Window Tint, After Market?

    Llumar AirBlue 80. Looks like just the early 2000's Mercedes with the factory blue-ish looking windows. All the benefits of a tint with none of the

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    Window Tint, After Market?

    Does anyone have recommendation for aftermarket window tint that looks like OEM factory tinting? Want best quality available and avoid it looking obviously

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    What did you do for your ZHP/ BMW / MINI today? #2

    Warranty is cut in half if tires are staggered fyi

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    3D Printed Parts for Family

    That explains why you have not responded to my texts Sergy. Hope you and Alla are having a great time with family and friends over the holidays!!!

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