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    Well, mainly labor-related costs so if you do all your own work then you should be good. I would recommend looking up all the major maintenance-related

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    Thanks for the helpful feedback everyone. I’m definitely torn. I posted here because I want to have all the reasons to keep my zhp front of mind.

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    Post your daily ZHP/BMW/MINI pics!


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    What did you do for your ZHP/ BMW / MINI today? #2

    Anyone ever heard about/have experience with reupholstering their interior and door cards? Been looking for natural brown or cinnamon full set (for coupe)

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    I have experience with both platforms - my ZHP, an E39 525iT I used to own, and my brother's 540i 6-speed from back in the day.

    The driving

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    What did you do for your ZHP/ BMW / MINI today? #2

    Put some touch up paint on 2 of my 135 wheels.

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    Sure. Either car, due to age, will require maintenance to keep them running long term. I keep both if I could.

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    Cost to repaint the hood only?

    Still need to do my paint job. It's beginning to stand out and I want to go on road trip soon. This being my 2nd e46, it suffers the pain wear in the

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    CarsandBids! 2006 BMW 330Ci ZHP Supercharged, 6MT 142K Alabama

    I was just working on this car yesterday (DSC issue is just a wheel speed sensor). But no, he won’t. If he would, they’d be on my car!

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    One of my friends recently bought a 6MT 540i E39. It's a very nice car and you will definitely feel right at home in it when coming from an E46. However,

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    You will have to look at maintenance requirements of the 540i and make comparisons between your ZHP and see if it is worth making the move. Only you can

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    Hi ZHP team,

    Iím not a big forum poster, but regularly read the forum.

    Iím facing a dilemma. I love my zhp. Itís a 2004

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