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Thread: OEM TPMS Retrofit- The full package doityourself

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    Quote Originally Posted by racer2086 View Post
    Well, I performed this retrofit according to the instructions on page 1, but I never read past that until now, which I wish I did. I would have realized my car has the CI12 module and this was all a waste of time.

    I did code the VO for $251 and made the NCS changes in the AKMB and MK60. All took and didn't complain. My TPMS light turns yellow and red when the key is in position 2 and then goes out. However, in INPA, the RPA option is gray and my reset switch doesn't do anything. So, yes, my module won't work with the reset switch, but shouldn't it at least work to monitor the wheel speeds and alert of a flat?

    Below are some pictures from INPA. You will see the RPA option on the bottom gray. Pressing F7 does nothing. What I noticed under the identification, though, is that my CI12 module has a manufacture date of 11/04 but my car was built in 07/04. ??? Does that mean this piece was replaced at some point? The software date of programming is 09/27/02. Strange. Is that when the software was actually written (at BMW for example) vs coded to the module?

    That brings me to my main question...Why can't we flash over newer software on these and update them? I can't imagine there are physical differences between the module preventing that? (I'm no expert in this coding though). Can my CI12 module at least be updated to something newer than 2002 software, that may at least let me access it via INPA?

    Thanks for the help. Was a real bummer to wire all that up only to have no response. At least my sport button mod is working great. I did it a different way than the write up, which I will have to post. The sprint booster makes this car completely different.
    I did the exact same thing. The reset button doesn’t do a thing, but the monitor still works if you get a flat. I wish I knew of an easy way to get it working
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    What if my monitor doesn't even work? Like I can't even access the TPMS menu in INPA. Which it seems others have no problem accessing. Is this a software version issue? Can updated software be flashed?
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