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Thread: Dirty Winter Car Thread

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    Dirty Winter Car Thread

    Reflecting as to how we were successful with the Bumpered Bug Pics thread here:, I thought that we could use something similar, dedicated to our dirty winter car photos. Let's see some winter wonders!

    Here is a shot of my 318ti this morning at the post office after a 1,500 mile road trip. My hood and roof resemble a monotone Jeff Koons M3 in road-film gray. Too cold out for a bath just yet.

    Name:  IMG_20140108_111833.jpg
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    Name:  Jeff Koons M3.jpg
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    This photo is after the massive icebergs have at least melted off from behind the wheels, but it shows why I'm REALLY glad I elected to pick up the Outback for a winter driver, and leave my ZHP warm, dry and clean in the garage. The Subie has been taking one for the team through a bunch of crappy weather, and with its Altimax Arctic snows and freaky good ground clearance, she's a beast in the snow.

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    At least the snow looks clean...

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    I know I have posted this picture before but it was taken last week while driving in Colorado! Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1389415907.218944.jpg
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    Poor thing

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    Still looks cool John.

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    Here's my ZHP after this morning's drive to work

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    Geeze, lol. Nice winters, though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnmadd View Post
    Looks good John! A bit more white, and she may look something like this :

    Name:  Arctic Cammo M3.jpg
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