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Thread: PA SOFT: Change the temps on your heated seats

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    PA SOFT: Change the temps on your heated seats

    Seats not get warm enough? Maybe they get uncomfortably hot? You can change that with the BMW Scanner and PA soft.

    Double click on the SZM from the menu:

    Find line 0x30 on the screen that comes up (NOTE: You may need to click "Read EEPROM" to bring up the values):

    The six highlighted values are the temperature in Celsius, 3 for the driver seat, 3 for the passenger seat. driver seat low, medium, and high. Passenger seat low medium and high. Get it?

    The values do not appear like Celsius numbers because they are hexadecimals. In the picture the values are 26, 29, 2D. In decimal (Celsius) that is 36, 41, and 46 degrees.

    You can use this page to covert the values back and forth yourself to get an idea. I found a free app for my iPhone that did the same thing.

    I upped the values to 42, 46, and 50 degrees, converted them to hexadecimal, then entered the values into the highlighted values. Once I did that I clicked "Write EEPROM" and it wrote the values into the car. After that, you're done. Test out the seats.
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    Epic! Had no idea stuff like this could be modified.

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    Nice! I like your idea writing the program in front of the title. That will definitely help searching, down the line.

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    That's awesome!!! I got to try this tonight
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    that's awesome!

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    This is pretty cool actually. Thanks for sharing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vas View Post
    This is pretty cool actually. Thanks for sharing

    Def thanks for sharing, I'd like to dial down all the settings, "3" is completely useless as it's way too hot for me.
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    That's cool. I need to increase my values. Of our two cars one is super warm and the other just warm (M3).

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