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Thread: Need Bumper Height Adjusting 'Bolt'

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    Need Bumper Height Adjusting 'Bolt'

    When I went to adjust the height of my front bumper yesterday I had 50% success. One side wasn't seized and worked fine, the other, well you can see the results in the pics below. Probably should have left well enough alone, but at least I got the damn thing out... Don't know why the engineers thought that plastic would be a good choice, especially when the allen wrench goes in at the bottom but the threads are all at the top.

    Initially I thought it would be possible to buy just the plastic adjusting nut or collar assembly, but nope, have to buy the entire shock.

    Anyone have an extra one they'd be willing to sell, or know of a good work around? I'm not having any luck coming up with a good kluge.

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    I might have one. Message me tomorrow.

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    Awesome, thanks and will do.

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    so that threaded insert.... is it all plastic once you get it out? or only part of it is plastic? im trying to adjust mine and my 14mm hex tool is just rounding out the insides and its seized. not sure how to get it out. i was going to use a torch with heat but if its plastic then thats a bad idea.
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