If you by chance are not a member, and wish to become a member (and run across this thread), please send an email directly to

Be sure to include your reasons for wanting to join and a brief description of your car (or car to be).[/B]

The site has been shutdown to new automatic membership, due to vicious spamming. I got 317 new member email requests last night while I was sleeping. The site has been heavily spammed over the past couple of weeks by UK and Russian IP addresses. We've already turned on the Human Verification settings, but really doesn't seem to be minimizing the number of spammed requests.

If you know of someone that wants to join (you as a referrer), just have them shoot me an email at the above link.

I appreciate your patience in gaining new membership, as I'll have to screen and build your account manually.

Be safe


P. S. Thank ypu for your patience if this in any way affects any of the loyal membership.