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Thread: just another sunroof-less ZHP autocross STX build and events chronicle

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    just another sunroof-less ZHP autocross STX build and events chronicle

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    So… I am going to start this thread to chronicle autocross events in my project ZHP. Going to detail modifications, post setups and videos and whatever else in hopes of getting more of the ZHP/BMW community to get out there and use their cars!!! I am no expert though either, so look forward to constructive feedback too.

    I started with a ’01 330i ZSP, black 330 in pictures below. I sold it with 320k miles in 2013. Bought the IR ZHP specifically as an upgrade for autocross, but also as a semi-day driver.

    The ZHP is a sunroof delete- sunroof option was not selected, nearly 100% of US-bound E46s have sunroof as a standard option. No sunroof means ~2” more of helmet space, more rigid chassis and no sunroof mechanism weight at that high CG.

    I run SCCA solo II in class STX. I run with Buccaneer Region of SCCA, aka JaxSolo. But, I typically run with a few other groups in FL and south GA. 2014 will be my 4th year in the sport.

    Over the course of time, I have done nearly every modification to the car (some taken off my previous 330i prior to selling it) allowed in STX.


    BMW update of DME
    Dr Vanos rebuilt VANOS
    Shark Tune
    Underdrive pulleys
    K&N filter
    B&M short shifter
    Holed intake filter box (with fog light removed, there is a distinct path for fresh air)
    SS Braided Brake lines
    TMS Drilled rotors
    TMS wheel stud conversion
    TMS Clutch hose, CDV delete

    Vorschlag camber plates
    Yellow Konis
    Eibach springs (650lb front, 550lb rear)
    GC adjustable spring perches
    Hotchkis Sway bars
    GC sway bar endlinks
    Fabricated strut tower brace
    Fabricated shock tower brace
    Repositioned Pos battery terminal
    Jam nut on steering rod end links (additional safety considering frequent adjustment)
    Poly FCAB
    ECS rear lower control arm
    Wavetrac LSD
    Poly Diff Bushing

    Front seat post threaded rod coupler for height increase
    Clutch stop
    18x8.5, ET40 SSRs
    265/40/18 BFG Rivals
    Torso Strap
    Trailer hitch

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    Ride height is set just slightly lower than stock sport susp. This is required to access my driveway and eases frequent jacking up of the vehicle. I fabricated a roof rack and hitch rack to haul tires when also hauling the family. Fourth, is just in the spare tire well. Normally, I would just line them up in the back seat. (old wheels pictured)

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    Fabricated tower brace bars from thin gage square tube, mild steel. Bars without adjustability and fasteners are typically stiffer, I built these to suit. Used playdough trick for determining hood clearance. Pos batter terminal is relocated to inside the passenger well to accommodate easy access to the top of the passenger strut tower. Rear bar was fabricated to maximize the minimal trunk space, it runs up against the backside of the back seat.

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    no replacement for contact patch. difference between my street 225 front tires and my square setup 265 tires...

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    MISC suspension pics

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    I consider Front toe, front camber, front strut and rear camber to be track adjustable. Made/marked a set of tooling for making these changes. (red- rear camber bar, yellow combo wrenches – front toe, yellow barstock and socket – front camber) When switching to race tires I adjust, more to follow.

    Street to track process:
    strip car interior of unsecured items
    lift front of car
    -adjust to max neg camber
    -switch wheels/tires
    -remove fog lights
    -(sometimes) adjust to toe out
    -adjust strut
    lift rear of car
    -adjust rear camber
    -switch wheel/tires
    remove spare tire
    add ¾ quart of oil

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    I check and adjust alignment using jigs I constructed. Pictured below. They measure total toe and camber. They are not a substitute for a laser alignment at a shop! After a professional alignment I mark front toe and rear camber with enamel marking paint so that I can return to that spot after adjusting for autox. The jig does allow for measuring setups used during events, ie, determining amount of toe induced by neg camber. Also used for determining how many turns of the steering end links result in X amount of toe out or turns of lower control arm result in rear camber. However, the jig and the excel sheet I built to process the measurements show high repeatability when compared with recent professional laser alignments.

    Adjustable parameters:
    Front ride height
    Front sway bar
    Front camber
    Front toe
    Front strut (single adjustable)

    Rear ride height
    Rear sway bar
    Rear camber
    Rear shock (single adjustable)

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    my next event will be Saturday 1/31 at Brooksville FL, with FAST. hope to not make a rallycross out of it....

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    Couple things.

    I'm fairly sure CDV Delete is not STX legal. However not really anything people will protest over...(well you never know).

    Why also so much front spring? Do you have any issues with the front end taking set in turns at all?

    Planning to ever attend any national events?

    Project STX: TCKline Racing l APEX l Vorshlag l Eibach l Hawk l Schroth l BMW Performance

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    Welcome! This is a great thread I'll be following.

    I am with Kyle and curious on your high front spring rate.

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