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    Needing something to replace my stupid Sumitomo HTZIII...summers are going back on next week. Holding out for this parts car.
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    I saw these on Tire rack when I was searching for some new summers. I used to have the predecessor to the RE-11's (RE-01R if memory serves). I used them for track sessions and summer driving on a B5 S4 for a few seasons. Loved them, although did see some camber wear towards the end of their life. I am going back and forth on these, the RE-11, and Pilot Super Sports for some new wheels I acquired.

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    Iíll just leave this here, a Facebook post from a Autocross group up in northern Ohio. Good info but, never goes into detail of the tire model.

    *** CLUB NEWS - Kenda Tires ***

    Just want to comment on a few messages I received since John tagged me in his post, figured this would be a good place to cover all the bases at once.

    Autocross John and I were at Dragway 42 playing with some rubber from Kenda Tires USA. It is true that John really did out pace his Bridgestone RE71's

    John took lots of runs on both tires. I went in Jedi mode, worked with John on the differences he was feeling in the car with both the Kenda tires and his new suspension. After a few runs, he really did beat his Bridgestone times by almost a full second.

    Now full discloser, he had roughly 6 events or so on his Bridgestones and the Kenda were brand new. BUT he obviously new an understood the Bridgestones having run them for years AND the Kenda were not the fast compound, they were the 300 tread wear. The 200 tread wear were tested the next day under a different set of test controls and on different cars.

    So from what I have seen both days and what I relayed to Tom Williams from Kenda....a new set of 200 tread wear tires, with the proper suspension and air pressure adjustments would be very very close in time to a new set of Bridgestones. The real difference is the Kenda are about 1/3 the cost less and seem the have a bit better longevity compared to the tires they were tested against.

    Ideally this could prove to be a very good tire for 90% of the autocross community that look at both performance and price. It reminded of my early Kumho days when I had a tire cheaper than the Hooiser, could drive to the events on them, beat the Hoosier people, and have them last almost a full season when the Hoosier people could easily be looking for their 3rd set by Oct.

    So we are looking forward to the next batch of tires that come from Kenda and giving them anther good test to see what we can get out of them.

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