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Thread: BMW E46 Upper and lower intake boot removal/DISA inspection doityourself

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    BMW E46 Upper and lower intake boot removal/DISA inspection doityourself

    Upper and lower intake boot removal/DISA inspection.

    Note 1. You do not need to remove the lower intake boot to inspect DISA. The lower intake boot is the PITA you speak of. With that said.....perform through step 6 (do not throw away upper intake boot, and then pull disa out. You may need to "squeeze/bend" the lower intake boot to allow for room to facilitate removal. Should take 20 minutes tops.

    Note 2. Another good tool to have for this job is a 6mm offset box end wrench. Pic below. You might not have to cut the lower intake boot with the wrench below and the flex drive....but I highly recommend just buying new ones as they probably need changing anyways. This wrench is one that I have had for 20 years (note the rust), and I don't even know where you get something like that. Maybe online.

    How I do it. The below is for removal of upper and lower intake boot.

    1. Go buy upper and lower intake boots.
    2. Disconnect intake at MAF sensor to upper intake boot loosening hose clamp.
    3. Unplug MAF sensor.
    4. Slide out and remove intake cover
    5. Remove 2 10mm bolts securing intake filter housing. Pull filter out...see aside....unclip aft hose....and remove housing.
    6. Remove upper intake boot and inspect. Throw in garbage.
    7. Cut lower intake boot about 2-3" from where it enters throttle body and icv.
    8. Use a flex drive with extension to get at lil hose clamp for icv, and larger hose clamp for throttle body.

    The below is for DISA removal

    1. Perform through step 6, above, but do not throw upper intake boot away...unless it is intended to be replaced.
    2. Unplug DISA by reving clip type plug.
    3. Remove two torx screws (I do not remember size off the top of my head.
    4. Slightly compress lower intake boot, and shimmy out DISA valve.
    5. Inspect for proper gasket sealing surface (orange area - round).
    6. Inspect for proper butterfly valve operation. This is a spring perated valve. Additionally check for play at securing pin.

    NOTE 3. Should you ever need to replace Upper or lower intake boot, "F" type fitting on upper intake boot, or DISA.....the part numbers are indicated in the below drawing's/pictures. All part numbers below are for a 2/2004, 330i ZHP. Should be the same for a majority of E46's.

    Upper intake boot

    PC. 3 in drawing at below link.

    "F" type fitting

    Lower intake boot
    PC.6 in drawing at below link

    PC. 7 in drawing at below link. Also not ICV (PC. 8) should be cleaned with carb cleaner at this time, if removing the lower intake boot.
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