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Thread: William's 330Ci ZHP Maintenance and Project Thread

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    My car has been dearly neglected for the past seven weeks because of studying for Step 1. Note: if anyone is considering medical school, please be sure to be a masochist. So on my first two days off, I did a quick three things:

    Completed passenger side airbag recall - 72,850 miles
    Not too much to say here. Called the week prior to set up an appointment. Came into the appointment. Had it done, which took an hour longer than they said it would take. To be fair to them they washed and vacuumed the car.

    Installed F10 M5 illuminated shift knob (25112284205) - 72,862 miles
    Purchased from illirep who assembled the shift boot onto an E46 shift boot frame so it was 95% plug and play. Shout out to Spenser for his help with wiring. He even drew me this nifty wiring pic (see below). I didn't use the second wire because the factor wires were long enough to reach the cigarette lighter wiring. I will say that there seems to be a tiny crack on the "M" logo, but it's not noticeable unless you're about 3 inches away.

    Replaced drooping driver's side C pillar (51432699059) - 72,900 miles
    The fabric had fallen most of the way off so I replaced it. Not a difficult job, just followed this guide for reference. Looks a million times better than some bedouin tent.

    Other odds and ends:
    • Received a VANOS system from Dr. Vanos as a gift over the holidays, so I need to purchase a valve cover gasket and the associated materials to do that job (plus find the time).
    • While I was at the dealer getting my airbag replaced I had asked the service agent to draw up an estimate for replacing my windshield, and it came in at a whopping $1,507.50. They recommended some other place that they sometimes farm out to, so I'll give them a call and see what their estimate is as well.
    • They also found an oil leak from the UUC SS clutch line I installed years ago, so I'll have to take a look at that.
    • Oddly enough, my LR brake caliper clip is missing. Not sure where that went off to.

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    Always good to get those things in. Crazy price re windshield, hope you find someplace cheaper. Tried Safelight? GL as you move through med school!

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