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Thread: William's 330Ci ZHP Maintenance and Project Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZHPizza View Post
    I think it's usually a lack of oil that causes the rattle at startup. @Sreten just did a big project to address that on his M5, but our cars shouldn't have that issue.

    Are you sure it's the Vanos? Is it tied to a certain rpm or just time?
    It's localized, as far as I can tell, to the top front of the engine, right by where the VANOS is.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sreten View Post
    Can you post a video of the startup?

    M5 and M54 have totally different Vanos setup and my rattle was caused by oil draining from the Vanos chamber.
    Only time I heard Vanos rattle on M54 is when you hold rpms in 1.5-2-3k range.

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    Yeah, I'll try and take a video sometime soon. Would love y'alls input.

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    I'm curious as to the grinding noise you mention that only lasts momentarily upon start up... could it be a pulley/tensioner? Will wait for video.

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    Tapping for a few seconds as lifters get oil? Mines always done it

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