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Thread: William's 330Ci ZHP Maintenance and Project Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZHPizza View Post
    I got a notification that you quoted my post but there's nothing here so you must be practicing witchcraft again

    Quote Originally Posted by san View Post
    Could it be because the short shifter you installed was defective?
    Entirely possible, I didn't have the best of luck with UUC. Should be fixed today, though!

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    I got the car back and the shifter is working great, so no issues there. My mechanic forgot to re-install the splash shield so I need to go back and get it

    For the Fourth of JulyTM I went up to the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound, which was a nice get away from medical school and everything else! Round trip was 536.7 miles using 18.251 gallons, good for 29.41 mpg. Not bad for sitting in traffic in Portland and Centralia on the way out and Olympia on the way back today. I also crossed 70k miles on the return trip:

    When I filled up back in Portland after the trip, the attendant had trouble getting the pump to stay pumping. He inverted it, turned it sideways, nothing would keep it going until the end when he did it very slowly, so filling took about 10 minutes. I asked if the pump had been acting up and he said he had just filled someone else's car with it without issue. He put the gas cap in but as I drove off my "Check Gas Cap" light came on. I parked the car a few streets down, took out the cap (which was clicked appropriately tight), rotated it, retightened it and got back in, but the light was still there when I turned the car on. I drove to my folks' place and scanned the car using my BMW Scanner, but no codes showed up (see only errors below), so I cleared all errors and turned the car on and the light was off. Any ideas? Does the "Check Gas Cap" light tend to stay on for a while even if there is no present issue? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    On another note, I will probably in the market for new tires. I'm currently on Continental ExtremeContact DW tires and am looking for a good replacement summer tire. Any suggestions? How do feel about Continental's replacement for the ExtremeContact DW, the ExtremeContact Sport?

    Maintenance Items - To Do:
    • Fix/replace cracked windshield
    • Remove/replace sagging driver's side c-pillar fabric
    • Install M3 engine mounts (purchased)
    • Install M3 front sway bar (purchased), purchase bushings, and purchase 330Ci rear sway bar
    • Purchase four new summer tires and get four wheel alignment
    • Identify issue of intermittent non-functioning passenger mirror
    • Replace VANOS system
    • Prep for paint correction and ceramic coating

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    I think some members replaced their gas caps due to similar if not same issues. Iím thinking Vas...

    Re tires: Iíve had firestone Indy 500 tires for over 1k miles now and have been happy with especially considering the price. I had Michelin PSS prior to these and while the 500ís may not be as sticky as, they are more than adequate for street driving...

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    I had a similar issue and a new gas cap fixed it for me. Look at your current one and inspect the condition of the seal. If it is dry and cracked, it is worth replacing.

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    I have ceramic coating ( Optimum Gloss-Coat ) on my F30 and ZHP. I won't do it again. The paint gets water spots easily. Now I need to be careful around sprinklers or when my son plays with water outdoors. My wife's X3 doesn't have ceramic coating and I don't see the issue on that vehicle.

    In the future, I will apply sealant only.
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    I will also vouch for the Indy 500 value for money. Tons of auto x and a track day on mine. They did 20k ish HARD miles. The general Gmax RS get very greasy in rough driving and have a soft sidewall. I have those on 18ís and it feels softer than the Indyís on 17ís. Depends on what youíre looking for in a tire

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vas View Post
    I had a similar issue and a new gas cap fixed it for me. Look at your current one and inspect the condition of the seal. If it is dry and cracked, it is worth replacing.
    Could also be a vacuum leak if this doesnít fix it.

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