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    Destination Mason

    Figured that I would throw a few cell phone pics (please excuse the lack of quality) up from my travels westward today from the far east side of Maryland for those Mafiosos unable to join us in Ohio. Most shots are from my enjoyable travels through West Virginia.

    Some beautiful scenery and fantastic driving roads in West Virginia. If you have the time, I highly recommend an off-highway excursion.

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    Somehow I ended up missing a turn and ended up on "Bob's Road". I should've realized when the sign said that it was not recommended for trucks that it was not ZHP approved...and especially not lowered ZHP approved. Nothing like some backcountry wheelin' in the ZHP. Where's my WRX Rally Car?
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    Several interesting bridges along the way.
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    Truck driver apparently not familiar with driving on steep grades. I came up behind him and he was going about 25MPH. For a minute it smelled like I was on the racetrack...but then I realized that the blue smoke was from the overheated brakes on the truck and trailer. Why he did not use a lower gear or a Jake-Brake is open for discussion. I was worried he was not going to have any brakes they way he was riding them. (See blue smoke in photo.)
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    Well, it WAS spotless when it left the garage this morning...

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    Great adventure!

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    Looks like a great ride!

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    Sweet pics ... I like the bridge ones !

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    Looks like big fun. Love road trips through beautiful scenery and over nice curvy roads. Be nice to see my old squeeze again after 6 year separation. Oh, and will be groovy to see you as well. Godspeed to you!

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    Nice photos...Safe travels!
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    A few more from Friday

    Waldo parking for lunch.
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    Junk on the trunk.
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