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    Michelin has come out with the Pilot Sport All Season 4. Supposedly they're pretty impressive. The new base Corvette comes equipped with them.
    I went with these tires for my ZHP and absolutely love them

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    Updating this thread, I ended up going with the Firehawks, and after 1000 miles they have been great. I was originally planning to go with the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4, but after reading reviews and seeing the reasonable price of the Firehawks, I am happy I went with them. Keep in mind I am in SoCal so inclement weather was not a major factor for me.

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    I opted to go with the General G-Max RS. The price to performance ratio was too good to pass up. Though Continental is having issues stocking them now. Along with the Falken FK510, it's another tire to consider in the UHP category alongside the Firehawks.

    My rears were worn on the Continental DWs and since the DW is no longer in stock, I opted to go with fresh rubber on all 4 corners. And I haven't been driving much, so I wanted to try out something different.

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