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Thread: DKnowltronics 04 Project Log

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    Yes lots of maintenance to be done, it needs some TLC!

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    September 2015

    New Gas Cap. Got tired of my SES going off every time I filled up with gas..

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    Looks like you're going to have the car sorted in no time flat.

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    Detailed Car

    Detailed Car (Dish Detergent Wash, Clay Bar, Griots Polish 3 with DA Polisher with Orange Pad, Griots Sealant, Carnauba Paste Wax, Carnaunba Liquid Wax, P21S, Black WOW)

    There is a decent amount of clear coat correction that needs to be addressed on the car requiring a bit more than Griots 3 Polish. Probably cant see much in the photos but its there. Its a 5 foot car, and closer and I begin to see it which bothers me.

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    Will post some after pictures soon.

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    Just placed this order!
    BMW Leather Cleaner 83192339687 Amazon $23.99
    Headlight Gasket (2) 63128380210 ECS $44.00
    Head Light Lens Left 63-12-6-924-045 Pelican $58.50
    Head Light Lens Right 63-12-6-924-046 Pelican $58.25
    Clear Front/Side Turn Signal Kit 63130141567 Modbargins $54.00
    Fuel Filter 13327512019 Pelican $41.00
    Wiper Blade 61619071613 Pelican $20.00
    Performance Air Filter 33-2231 Modbargins $40.00
    Cabin Filter 64319216504 Pelican $18.50
    Oil Filter 11427512300 Pelican $7.00
    Oil Drain Plug 11131273093 Pelican $3.00
    Oil Drain Plug Washer 7119963151 Pelican $1.25
    Differential Seal Rings (2) 07-11-9-963-355 Pelican $2.00
    Differential Oil - SAE 75W-90 Synthetic (2) Redline
    Kidney Grille Set - Matte Black BM01-4602-B ECS $50.00
    Timing Chain Spring 11411706809 Pelican $5.75
    Timing Chain Washer 7119963418 Pelican $1.50
    Oil Separator 11617501566 Pelican $29.75
    Oil Separator Hose to Valve Cover 11611432559 Pelican $18.25
    Oil Separator Oil Dip Stick hose 11157532629 Pelican $11.75
    Oil Separator Connecting Hose 11617504535 Pelican $17.50
    Return Pipe from Connecting Hose 11617504536 Pelican $14.00
    O-Ring Oil Dip Stick Tube to Oil Pan 11431740045 Pelican $3.50
    Air Intake Boot; Lower 13541435627 Pelican $18.00
    Throttle Housing Gasket 11611716174 Pelican $5.00
    Mobil1 0W-40 Walmart $100.00
    H&R Street Coilover H&R craigslist $337.00
    3M Super 77 Amazon $16.00
    Staggered 17" Sport Wheels with Dunlop Winter Sport 3D Tires Ebay/Craigslist $426.00
    Royal Purple 11722 Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer Amazon $13.99

    Any other recommendations that I missed besides VANOS?

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    Big list of parts, good luck!

    Also, the coilover kit for $337

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    Not sure about the timing chain

    Oil 0w40 or 10w40? May not be a big difference.

    Thumbs, iPhone, TaT.

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    I really love seeing a project thread like this! Keep it going

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