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Thread: The life of Ryan's 2003 ZHP

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    Nice work getting it in there and sorry about the misfire issue. Headers sound like a nightmare to me, but I do envy those who go that route.

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    nice. yeah I still have mines sitting in a shed. i'll get to it eventually. have to swaintech coat it first.

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    My misfire isn't fixed, but I've mitigated it by tuning the DME to NOT shut down cylinders when a misfire is detected. So now I only get a quick SES flash at about 6250 RPM when it does occasionally misfire and its very non intrusive. I really can't feel it happening, the only reason I know something happened is the quick flash of the SES light when it does.

    In other news, I installed an M3 front sway bar. Here's the M3 bar (26mm) compared to the stock ZHP front bar (23.5mm):

    Notice the ends of the bar have a slightly different angle to them. The M3 bar bolts in fine, but the end link is a little tweaked:

    I don't think it will be a problem, worse case they probably wear out faster, but I might install a set of adjustable end links from Turner anyway at some point.

    Turn-in is much improved, the car feels so nimble. And its flatter in the corners, obviously. But what surprised me is how much the car feels like it wants to "dig in" through corners now, its quite fun! I'm very much looking forward to memorial day weekend at Gingerman raceway.

    Also gave her a spring cleaning. Clay and sealant.

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    Those wheels look really good.

    I paired my 26mmM3 front sway with E36 M3 end links. Theyíre a little shorter (Iím lowered slightly) felt stronger to me, and seem to have taken the sharp angle out of the lower ball joint. I just didnít want to futz around with adjustable links, and ~20months later have no indication of them being an issue.
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