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Thread: Under tray clip help, looking for the right clip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2wenty View Post

    I also just noticed that the tranny cover if missing. Gotta find one of those now.
    If you are talking about the small hatch door in the debris shield, then many (if not all) cars didn't come with them. There is a thread here with the part number. You need the screw and female receiver for it also. I'm sure some can assist with PNs.

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    Help. Hit a puddle at 35 and ripped my splash shield off. Can someone help me figure out what part the belly pan attaches to? The part the c-clip nut attaches to sheared off. Is it the wheel splash shield? I ordered a new splash shield, and reinforcement plate, but I canít attach it until I identify this part. I have been combing through real OEM, but I cannot identify what it is. Any help would be great. Thank you in advance!

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    Not sure what you mean. Are you talking part # 11 in the picture in Post #5 in this thread?
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    I think I never had those clips. All my splash plate ever had was the 4 screws. Seems fine without the clips

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