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Thread: Lorenzo's ZHP Coupe Project

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    Lorenzo's ZHP Coupe Project

    I'm excited to launch my project thread and begin my ZHP journey among a great group of knowledgeable enthusiasts. I appreciate everyone's input, suggestions, advice, and I look forward to reading your project threads - where I've got many initial ideas so far.

    Year: 2005
    Model: 330Ci Coupe
    Exterior Color: Silver Grey Metallic
    Interior: Grey leather
    Transmission: 6-speed manual
    Packages: Performance, Cold Weather, Premium Package
    Options: Heated front seats, Xenon headlights, Harman-Kardon sound system
    Purchased Date: 12/27/2015
    Price: $9,750
    Mileage at purchase: 114,338 miles
    VIN: WBABD53435PD98697

    My first BMW was a 2 year old manual shift, black 2004 325 convertible. I sold that in 2009 when my first child got her drivers license and I needed a more practical car. I've been through a number of E90s as a daily, and presently I drive an F30 - red 2012 328 sedan. My first weekend project car was a '89 red convertible E30 I picked up in 2013. Jon Estrella helped me immensely to fix it up and I sold it for a small profit. Then I picked up Bruce's terrifically kept ZHP convertible, but regrettably sold it in an attempt to downsize to one car. Since then, I've missed the ZHP. After a one month search, I landed on this ZHP coupe from a single owner in Storrs, CT that I found on BMWCCA. I flew to Hartford, met the owner, went on a test drive, and made the purchase. Drove it 400 miles to Sterling, VA.

    Overall, the previous owner kept up with all maintenance, including some biggies - coolant overhaul and a new clutch. My first stop was to Jon's house for his evaluation. He gave the thumbs up. The next day, I met a local ZHPMafia member, Benny, in the parts line at BMW Sterling. He had just picked up his ZHP from Atlanta a few days earlier. Small world.

    Previous Owner's Maintenance
    2005 - initial purchase as lease
    2005-2007: Owner followed standard maintenance program under warranty
    2008: owner purchased from his lease
    July 2008 (38,199) - Inspection I
    May 2009 (46,486) - Oil service 5W-30 synthetic
    August 2009 (49,683) - Change rear differential and transmission fluids, Brake flush
    July 2010 (62,140) - Oil service
    March 2011 (75,974) - Coolant system overhaul - Replace water pump with metal impeller pump, thermostat, belts and idler pulley, tension pulley
    August 2011 (79,280) - Spark plugs, Brake flush, Oil service
    June 2012 (83,606) - Oil service, New battery
    June 2013: (93,000) - front brake OEM pads, brake disc (Zimmerman coated), sensors, Replace trailing arm bushing, Replace front control arm bushings, Alignment, Replace Valve cover gasket, Replace cabin air filter, Oil service
    Sept 2013 (97,720) - front tires Potenza S-04 PP 225/40/R18, Rear tires - Potenza S-04 PP 255/35/R18
    January 2014 (100,475) - Coolant repair - radiator hoses, expansion tank, new coolant, Replace starter, Replace wipers, Replace hazard switch
    March (106,349) - Oil service, Brake flush
    July 2015 (110,775) - Oil service, Air bag recall passenger front
    Dec 2015 (113,992) - New Clutch and Flywheel

    My maintenance/mods
    Dec 2015 (114,750) - Replaced cabin air and engine air filters, replaced ZHP shifter, refinished drivers seat (via Metro Leather)
    Jan 2016 (115,000) - Installed new Alcantara black w/tri-color stitch, steering wheel (Coby Wheel), Claybar, Polish
    Jan 2016 (115,250) - Tint 38% all around, clutch stop, new OEM Carpet Mats
    Feb 2016 (115,500) - Drained and filled new fluids for transmission (Redline MTL), Differential (Redline 75W90), Power Steering (Redline D4 AATF). Installed new Mann Fuel Filter.

    Planned maintenance
    Spring polish, sealant, wax
    Install Michelin PSS Tires
    Replace steering coupler
    Leatherique passenger and rear seats
    Power Steering Reservoir Cap Seal
    Clean engine bay

    Future mods
    New Shocks/struts - Koni sport
    Black kidney grills
    Repair and paint front bumper
    Paint lower mesh grill
    Restore headlight lenses
    Replace fog lights
    Replace Black cube trim drivers door
    Replace ashtray and storage trays
    Center console component refresh
    Replace driver and passenger side mirror glass
    Fix ding passenger side
    Touch up various paint chips
    Smoke side markers
    Retrofit M3 Aluminum Foot Rest

    I welcome any and all maintenance and mod suggestions.
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    First pictures 12/27/2015 at pickup in Connecticut...
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    At home in garage after first wash and clay bar...
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    Before and after refinished drivers seat. Done by Metro Leather in Sterling, recommended by Benny.
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    Randeaux/Rando/John/jr - '06 Cic ZHP; Southern California
    "ZHP or not, I still like you"

    ZHP Performance Package, Cold Weather Package, Leather, Jet Black/Black/BlackCube, NAV
    ESS Stage 1 Twin Screw Supercharger, Sprint Booster, BMW Perf Intake, Magnaflow Exhaust, Dinan TB & STEP S/W, Ground Control Coilovers, UCC Sway Bars, Apex EC-7 18x8.5 ET38
    Dynavin D99+, Hardwire V1 (w/V1 Connection), BSW Stage 1 Speakers, Kicker Amp/Subwoofer
    BMW Performance Strut Brace, Orion V2 Angel Eyes, No-holes License Plate, SMG Paddle Shift Mod, Besian VANOS, Gold DISA, Fan Delete, M3 Side Mirrors
    Note: Actual car no longer resembles signature picture

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    Nice looking coupe. Enjoy the ownership

    His - 2004 Imola Red / Alcantara 330i | 6MT | ZHP |

    Her's - 2005 Black Sapphire Metallic / Black Leather 330i | 6MT | ZHP |

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    Looks like a great find... I just bought an 06 ZHP convertible and will be doing most of the maintenance items above.

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    Nice, and welcome again!

    Car looks great.

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    Congrats. Replied to you pm about the trim.

    "ZHP is a garbage option anyway- just some cosmetic upgrades with a different cam and diff to claw back some of the performance lost fitting those hideous and heavy wheels. Any 330 with a 3.46 diff will smoke a ZHP every time. The whole Mafia thing reeks of childish behavior." - an e46f member

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    Installed new ZHP Shifter. Looks and feels good. But now the scratches on the ashtray and storage compartment doors look that much worse.
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