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Aren't they like the autozone brand? You should try to check out R1concepts if they are still around. They sell Centric (parent company of Stoptech) brake parts for pretty cheap. At least I remember them being pretty cheap, and I could do local pick up. They used to give a cash discount which helps too.
I was looking at centric options on tire rack and they are pretty affordable. The centric cryo treated rotors with stoptech street pads was only $80 more, so I am going to convince my GF to go this route. I think it will be well worth the extra cash to get something a little more reputable. But its her car, so lets see what she says. If not, at least someone here can make an honest review about the cheapo brakes. My GF doesnt use her car that much anymore. It probs sees around 5k miles a year at the moment, but its still a FiST and I want it to be capable when we do drive it