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Thread: How to take bumper of ZHP convertible - help

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    How to take bumper of ZHP convertible - help

    Or the better question how to get it back on... I just bought the following splitter for my car. Getting the bumper off isn't a problem. However there is only 2 inches of clearance between the spoiler and bump, so there is no way to get the screws out. I saw something where a guy accessed through the fog light but can't find the video and can't figure out how to get the plastic section out. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    when I changed my bumper, I had one of the 2 bolts just spinning. When I removed the bottom engine cover, I could just reach up and pull the bolt down. Might help to see if you can reinstall it with that access...

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    Figured out how to get the black piece out next to the fog light - there are two plastic screws and if you pull the wheel well plastic hard enough you can maneuver it out. Although you don't have direct access to the bolt you can at least get them started from underneath by inserting them in from the fog light.

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