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Thread: James' TiAg daily

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    James' TiAg daily

    Starting this to serve as a working maintenance / repairs log.

    BMW E46
    Grey interior

    Purchased on 7/8/16 photo from when I was looking it over in the shop a few days before

    Everything was in good order, I was pretty particular when looking it over. It's on the original cooling system and due for filters by the looks of them, so I will be giving it a bit of attention over the next few weeks.

    Previous owner (JB3) installed the M factory helical lsd. And turner sway bar in the rear, came with the front loose in the trunk. Will install when I have a moment at work.

    First thing I did was massage all the nasty out of the steering wheel. Warm water and a micro fiber and gently rubbing. Dried with towel. Air dried for a day. Then used a cheapo fabric shaver to clean up a bit of pilling. I wasn't fully satisfied so I broke out the school Quattro and very gently shaved the stray areas.

    Then a bit of a whores bath. Meguiars wash and wax in one, followed by a coat of Meguiars NXT wax.

    Vehicle believed to be on the original cooling system.

    So I ordered a Stewart water pump and a behr thermostat.

    I tend to over do things a bit, in that spirit i will probably go aluminum radiator and end tank. I've got to compare it to the oe on Monday when I'm back at work.

    Plenty of other maintenance scheduled
    Oil/filters/trans fluid/RTABs etc.

    7/22/16: Played catch-up on maintenance. Intake filter, Fuel filter, Fuel injector service, Oil service, Brake flush, Microfilter, Spark plugs, Power steering fluid exchanged, BMW fuel injection additive. Installed Performance Knob and Pedals.

    8/7/16: Khoalty interior LEDs installed.

    8/8/16: Installed Meyle HD RTABS, ECS limiters, SR Water Pump, Thermostat, Behr Expansion Tank, OE Cap

    9/13/16: Windows Tinted by RM Tint Pros here in Raleigh. Tires installed at local DTC.

    9/14/16: Driver airbag final repair performed.

    9/29/16: Installed Eonon GA6150F Headunit.

    10/20/16: Replaced Oil Filter Housing gasket.

    1/25/17: modified E90 roof rack to fit E46 and installed. Installed Injen Intake.

    1/28/17: Dinan stage 2 software calibrated for intake installed. (204HP 197Tq)

    4/21/17: performed oil service 117632 miles. Sending sample for analysis.

    4/25/17: replaced both front regulators with URO premium.

    4/27/17: installed Mishimoto radiator.

    5/13/17: installed front and rear Meyle rotors, EBC Yellow Stuff pads, ECS stainless brake lines form and rear and ECS stainless clutch line while also deleting the CDV. Performed an electronic/and bleed of the brake system.

    6/10/17: installed Khoalty yellow fog lamps.

    6/11/17: First HPDE at NCCAR

    6/20/17: BPC Dyno tune, (220.3HP 219.25Tq)

    7/14/17: Oil service with Liqui-Moly 5w40 and OE filter from FCP.

    7/24/17: installed Schroth Quickfit Pro harness anchors and test fit harness. (For HPDE)

    8/20/17: installed gas CCV

    8/30/17: installed sprint booster v2 with functional sport button panel.

    9/2/17: replaced window regulator at LF via warranty from URO.

    9/13/17: Brakes flushed and tires rebalanced for upcoming HPDE

    9/14/17: alignment, dialed in as much camber evenly L/R in the front as possible with stock mounts. For upcoming HPDE.

    10/31/17: Besian Vanos seals and anti rattle installed and oil service with liquimoly 5w40. Renewed valve cover gasket and Vanos block gasket.

    11/5/17: first Auto-X event Winston Salem, NC fairgrounds. Best time 40.945

    11/15/17: removed yellow stuff pads and reinstalled pagid pads from before track season. No brake noise is weird!

    11/16/17: installed apex sm-10 wheels 18x8.5 et35 and a set of Goodyear eagle f1 all seasons. (Rubs)

    12/22/17: ditched the Goodyear eagle F1 in favor of a set of pilot sport as3.

    2/2/18: installed AKG FCABs 75D (much tighter feel up front no noted increase of NVH)

    2/21/18: performed a brake fluid flush with Motul 660 for a few upcoming events.

    10/07/18: installed Achilles baffled oil pan. Changed oil. Performed alignment for track weekend. Had yet another LF window regulator failure

    4/6/19: oil service 5w40

    8/14/19: oil service 5w40 swapped on the track pads and performed a brake flushed with ate type200

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    Good stuff. Check our Eurocharged for a tune as well (on our site)

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    Looks great!

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    Water pump and thermostat arrived.

    Got ahold of some Griots interior cleaner and noted after using it on the driver air bag cover that it brought all kinds of gooey mess to the surface. Tried a few things to clean all the gunk off ended up using rubbing alcohol. And absolutely destroying a white terry cloth. Then wiping it down with the Griots, It's as good as new now

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    Stick with the OE tank and radiator. The factory cooling system is great when it's maintained.

    And get the upper and lower hoses plus sensors.

    Do it once

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vas View Post
    Stick with the OE tank and radiator. The factory cooling system is great when it's maintained.

    And get the upper and lower hoses plus sensors.

    Do it once

    Absolutely overkill to the aluminum parts you mentioned...I mean...even the Stewart pump is as well. The OE one lasted this long after all...get another one and it'll be another 80k for a third of the price.

    Otherwise great job, I use the same method every so often on my steering wheel (damp rag and massage). Works great, I don't understand the need for any type of special cleaner there.

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    One of our parts guys swapped me a set of performance pedals and a performance knob for a coolant flush and cleaning his alcantara wheel

    Of course it's a 5 speed knob. Guess I'll have to get creative with it.

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    James' TiAg daily

    Today was my day off, decided to go in and take care of a few things. Haven't played with my gopro in a while and decided to do a time lapse of the services. I was expecting this to go much smoother, however the brake bleeding was not cooperating with me. so i resorted to a manual bleed and edited that bit out. Co-workers were making their rounds throughout as well.

    As performed,

    1) remove filters filter cap and oil cap

    2) set up pressure bleeder

    3) drain oil and attempt to open bleeder screws*, reseal drain plug and remove wheels.
    *nothing happened. I suspected that the calipers were gunked up as the fluid looked pretty bad in the reservoir before clearing and filling it. decided to attempt manual bleed and that worked. so ill have to look into the pressure bleeding issue later.

    4) replace fuel filter, go to parts because the original clamps are useless.

    5) remove fuse 54 (i believe ) and set up the fuel injection service kit.

    6) pinch off the fuel supply line.

    7) cut the fuel treatment with gas, hook up the air regulate to 65psi and let her idle.

    8) run back and forth to the balancer

    9) listen for that low fuel sound

    10) repeat step 7

    11) finish the balancing and bolt the wheels up. Torque wheels.

    12) fuel service is finally finished. remove tool and restore the fuel system to operating condition. start it up, clear any stored codes and make sure idle is achievable.

    13) remove ignition coils and place a blower over the engine to cool things down

    14) replace spark plugs, anti-seize and torque to 30Nm

    15) raised back up to install the turner front bar.

    16) installed performance pedals.


    Note: at some point I cleared the power steering reservoir and just topped it up with fresh fluid, not a flush by any means, I just couldn't bring myself to get dirty on my day off.

    Parts info
    Oil filter - BMW
    Oil - BMW 5-w30
    Air filter - Wix
    Micro filter - Micro Guard
    Brake fluid - BMW
    Fuel Filter - BMW
    Spark plugs. - BMW OE NGK's
    Fuel service - BMW, extremely corrosive blue stuff, also poured a BMW in tank treatment in when finished its similar to 55k
    Power steering fluid - Castrol ATF,

    One of the guys at work is wrapping his e46 interior trim with a nice 3M black brushed aluminum vinyl, i grabbed a small section and covered the coin on the P-Knob.

    And the performance pedals

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    Good stuff!

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    Some parts that I ordered arrived

    Meyle HD RTABs and ecs limiters.

    Khoalty LED interior lights

    Hopefully installing the RTABs and limiters on Monday.

    Might even have the Windows tinted, we will see...

    Also scored a Behr coolant expansion tank for Free.99, co-worker decided to go through his entire cooling system and when done realized the p.o. Had replaced the expansion tank less than 5k miles ago.

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