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Thread: What's my ZHP worth?

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    What's my ZHP worth?

    I think there must be a thread for this, but didn't see it?

    Okay, so been DD'ing an E46 for over 13 years now, first an '01 325i, and currently an '05 330i since 2010. Love these cars but honestly just tired of them, need something different. I have a good idea of what mine is worth, but wanted to ask the experts tell me what you think.

    2005 330i 4 door - 71K miles
    Silver-grey metallic/black leather/silver cube trim
    Performance package
    Cold weather package
    Steptronic (here's where the value drops )
    H/K (technically standard equipment)

    Minimal changes/mods I've done -
    OEM exterior lighting from Turner Motorsport - front, sides, & rear + Phillips Silvervision bulbs
    BMW performance aluminum pedal set + deal pedal
    OEM homelink
    FX-r projectors by Lightwerkz

    Other stuff -
    Coby wheel - OEM gray/tri-stitch/less than 7K miles
    Michelin PSS - 6K miles on them

    Maintenance - this is a turn-key car. I'm not a DIY'er - all work done at BMW Seattle, all receipts in hand. For this post not going to list everything, but most recent maintenance includes...serpentine belt tensioner & idler pulleys, front driver and passenger window regulators, new battery (non-OEM), VCG, passenger airbag recall (still waiting for driver airbag), FCAB's, oil level sensor, fan clutch, OFHG, power steering pressure and supply line, full cooling system replacement at 53K miles (18K miles ago)...

    Condition is outstanding. I'm the 3rd owner and the previous owners deserve much of the credit here. I regularly detail (wash/clay/polish/wax). No pets, no smokers, car is top-notch. Give me your input!

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    E70 X5 50i M Sport
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    It's so variable. If you're trying to sell it but aren't in a rush, I'd say start somewhere in the neighborhood of $13k and negotiate your way down. Probably $9-11k range is more likely.

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    With that mileage, options and condition: I'd post it at $11,995 and wouldn't take less than $10,500.

    If that car were a manual: $14K would not be unreasonable

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    I'd put it at $13k - $15k - with patience. The right buyer would turn up eventually - that mileage, condition, and maintenance history are meaningful. And somebody will absolutely prefer an auto over a manual.

    $9 - $11k sounds WAY low to me. But what do I know, I may be out of touch with the market.

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    i think $12-13K is totally reasonable with that mileage and maintenance history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMWCurves View Post
    It's so variable. If you're trying to sell it but aren't in a rush, I'd say start somewhere in the neighborhood of $13k and negotiate your way down. Probably $9-11k range is more likely.
    Quote Originally Posted by slater View Post
    i think $12-13K is totally reasonable with that mileage and maintenance history.

    The key is patience which it sounds like you have. That's a gorgeous car and you are doing the right thing by asking and listing higher rather than lower. Someone will buy that car for what you want or very close to it.

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    Hmmm, I like those numbers but the top end does seem high, I don't see a lot selling for that price, do you all? Seems between $10K to $12K tops is what they would be selling for, especially for a STEP (which is actually the most produced zhp transmission by far).
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    Easy answer: it's worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.

    There are a lot of factors involved. If your car with it's specific options is exactly what someone is looking for, they may be willing to pay a premium to get it, especially considering the condition and mileage. If they are just ok with the various options, colors, etc. then they are more likely to try and get a bargain.

    ZHP's as you know are a specialty item that the average consumer does not pay much notice to, so patience really is the key. My guess is that you'll have the best luck selling it through this forum or E46Fanatics, since the members are more likely to be looking for what you have and know what it is. If you put it on craigslist, you are definitely going to get more scams, low-ball offers, ridiculous trade offers, etc. I sold my S2000 a few months ago for $10.5k through a local low-fee used car lot. The offers from craigslist users never went higher than $6k, I dealt with at least 5 scammers (easy to catch, they don't haggle at all and in some cases even offer more than the asking price, but their approach for payment is always immediately suspect), and the trade offers were pitiful and annoying considering I stated clearly that I was not interested in trades.

    As a few others mentioned, don't stress it being an automatic. Most drivers today really aren't interested in manuals. The only caveat of course is that someone looking for a ZHP is a little more likely to want a manual, but honestly I think those either indifferent or preferring an automatic is still the majority or close to it.

    Good luck! Seems like a great car, someone will be lucky to get it from you.

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    My ZHP is worth $2,178
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    Quote Originally Posted by cakM3 View Post
    My ZHP is worth $2,178
    Charlie, because I like you, I will offer 2500, cash.

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