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Thread: How concerned should I be about subframe/floorpan cracks and autocrossing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toddztoyz View Post
    You know, really and truly, this is the repair that BMW should do in a recall! My car new was a grunt over $50k and I would expect better from them. I think the bean counters must have cut some of the cost in the design and engineering of the E46 as this is the only chassis I know of with this problem!
    They won't.... The cars that BMW made with this type of problem (E36, E36/7, E36/8, E46), some of their best selling worldwide cars. The amount that it would cost to fix all these would be astronomical. Especially since it mostly shows up years after warranty is gone, where they can easily claim abuse.....

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    One wonders how they got some things so right, and others so wrong.

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