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Thread: Oil Consumption Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephenkirsh View Post
    What’s the advantage?
    Significantly reduced oil consumption, in our case.
    I was speaking to the guy at FCP about it and he was also saying the diesel oils have better "protective" qualities compared to the gasoline ones. I'm guessing it may be due to stricter requirements for diesel engines? I hope I understood him correctly. I did specifically ask whether it was safe to run in a gas-powered car and he said absolutely.
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    Interesting. Iíll have to look into this

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    I have an update on my oil consumption situation. It used to be that I had to add about a quart every 500-600 miles, which was every 1-1.5 months. I had some work done and now the light hasn't been on for several months and it was only down 3/4 of a quart today.

    The major changes were the GAS CCV system and oil pan gasket. Unfortunately I haven't been monitoring closely after these were done to tell which one made the major difference and the gasket was done a few months after the CCV. Also there is another variable, since I had an oil change done at the time of the gasket and it's now on LiquiMoly 5W30. The consumption is still probably a lot but around half of what it used to be.

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    Funny that you mention it. Just recently had that done on my 03: CCV, VCG and o/c with LM 5W30. 303k miles and still loses oil but not at the rate previously.

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