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Thread: Looking for a smoother ride (Wheel size and tire options)

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    Looking for a smoother ride (Wheel size and tire options)


    I run the 18'' style 135 staggered setup with original suspension.
    Stock as can be. I never track that car. I have an E36 M3 for track duty.

    This is my granny car for the summer so I'm looking at softening the ride just a tad.
    Here in Quebec the roads are pretty rough and the stock setup on older Envigor tires is harsh.

    After reviewing this forum as well as other and watching the Tire Rack test videos I narrowed it down to 5 tires in either 17'' or 18''.
    I have no problem going down to 17'' wheels to gain a little comfort and compliance.

    Looking for opinions in relation to ride quality:
    1. Pirelli P-Zero All Seasons Plus (17'' or 18'')
    2. DWS 06 (17'' or 18'')
    3. DW (17'' or 18'')
    4. Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position in 17''
    5. PSS in 17''

    I can't get myself to set the PSS aside completely as I know it is the best all around tire. Maybe on 17'' wheels it would yield a better ride quality... or not.
    Presently leaning towards the first two in 17'' but maybe that is a little to soft ? Might be a more interesting compromise on 18'' wheels...

    Criteria in decreasing importance are:
    -Ride quality, get rid of some of the ZHP harshness
    -Wet traction
    -Low Noise across the life of the tire

    Thank you very much for sharing.
    I'm hoping to catch a break next week with all the black Friday deals coming up.

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    Looking for a smoother ride (Wheel size and tire options)

    Myself and BMWCURVES are very satisfied with our 17in Apex ARC-8 wheels and Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Car is a lot quicker with the lighter wheels and bumps aren't nearly as strenuous. Would recommend to a friend aka Frankygoes

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    You can noticeably improve road noise and wet traction by changing your tire, but the comfort isn't going to be that big of a difference. It is the nature of the sport suspension. The only way to change that is to change the suspension...

    The 17" wheels and tires combo is ever so slightly cushier. If you think the stock suspension is too harsh, then this isn't going to do much for you honestly.
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    PSS are like warm butter on toast

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    Quote Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
    PSS are like warm butter on toast

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    Lol. But they don't like the cold. I got a DSC light the other morning pulling out of my street---it was 28F.

    And they are being replaced as Someone pointed out the other day (BP?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ELCID86 View Post
    Lol. But they don't like the cold. I got a DSC light the other morning pulling out of my street---it was 28F.
    I wouldn't expect any summer tire to work well at that temperature.

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    Dw are great in the wet and have a softer sidewall. Would recommend those.

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    i personally wouldn't recommend the DW or DWS, too squirrely for me.

    i have michelin PS AS3's on my 17" Style 68s, and they feel much more compliant than my 245/35/18 PSS... the stock-sized PSS are somewhere in the middle of those.

    if you have stock dampers, i would replace those as well. quality dampers will make a big difference too - koni FSD would probably be your best choice.

    oh - and welcome from ontario! where in quebec are you? i'm 3.5hrs west of montreal.

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    As Daniel said, 17" will provide some improved ride quality given the larger sidewall, although the sidewall stiffness is highly variable on the tire itself. Downsizing the wheel size and making the unsprung weight does have some added performance benefit though (see pic of interesting article below). Unlike what slater said, I quite like the Continental ExtremeContact DW tires, specifically for their wet weather capability and decent traction when the temperatures drop to the 40s and high 30s. If you dip below that, pretty much all summer tires will be hard as a rock and about as grippy as a damp piece of paper. He may have had a different experience but they've been very comfortable, quiet, and well performing tires for me in the Pacific Northwest.

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    I would think maybe DWs on 17s would do the trick. While the difference isn't major, there is a bit of extra "damping" in a higher sidewall. I'm not sure if that would be too soft for you.

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