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Thread: Nextel's Imola Sedan ZHP thread (another imola sedan?)

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    Nextel's Imola S54 Sedan ZHP thread (another imola sedan?)

    Car Currently as of 4/28/2017
    2003 Imola 330i ZHP

    S54 (126k miles) with new VAC motorsport coated bearings installed
    E46 M3 cluster coded 100% with proper mileage and updated with all 4 Door LEDs
    6 speed Getrag Transmission
    3.62 M3 LSD w/ axles and complete rear end

    S54 header
    S54 midpipe
    Custom 3rd Rear section with Quad exhaust w/ aftermarket CSL diffuser for MtechII bumper

    Suspension and Brakes
    E46 M3 Brakes front and rear
    E46 M3 Coilovers (DGR)
    AKG bushings: RTAB, FCAB, Diff, Engine Mounts
    Turner Motorsport front and rear swaybars
    ZHP Steering Rack retained
    E46 M3 lower FCA
    E46 M3 Rear trailing arms

    18 inch Apex ARC 8
    18x9 et30
    18x10 et25

    Options on Car:
    Bixenon with FX-R retrofit for projector bowl fix
    Natural Brown Leather interior refinished
    Black Cube Trim
    OEM Rear Electric Sunshade
    OEM Park Distance Control
    OEM E46 M3 Power Electric Folding Mirror retrofit
    OEM Alarm
    OEM Automatic Rain/Light Sensor retrofit
    OEM Auto Dim Homelink Mirror retrofit
    OEM Headlight Washer Retrofit
    OEM E46 Rolling Code Homelink
    OEM TPMS retrofit
    OEM Rear Door Sun Shades

    Car as it sits 10/21/2017

    2017-10-20_0003 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-10-20_0004 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-10-21_0002 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-10-20_0002 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr

    Car as it sits @ 10/11/2017
    2017-08-28_0001 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-08-28_0002 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-08-28_0003 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-08-25_0008 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-08-25_0002 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-08-25_0004 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-09-30_0001 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-07-12_0010 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-09-12_0001 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-09-12_0002 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr


    Car as it sits @ 6/28/2017

    2017-06-23_0005 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-06-23_0007 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-05-30_0001-01 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-05-30_0005 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    IMG_20170512_033245 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-05-09_0010 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-05-09_0008 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-05-09_0003 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-05-09_0001 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr
    2017-07-12_0010 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr

    Car Received 10/18/2016

    Future plans with in the next month are a full S54 and 6 speed swap and this thread will be updated with that.

    Hi all, guess its time to start up a project thread for my car. I bought my 2003 Imola 6 speed sedan from Christian at Supreme Auto. great guy to work with from beginning to end.

    Car when purchased:

    2003 Imola ZHP 6 speed
    165k miles
    Black leather interior
    Silver cube trim

    in the below photos these are the night she arrived and you can already tell the headlights will need addressing which i didnt know at the time. th headlights are so dim that the camera at night captures them with no glare or blown out highlights lol i could only see at night with the help of the foglights.

    I will make more posts after this to catch up to show progress.

    Name:  IMG_20161018_230609-01.jpeg
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    Name:  IMG_20161018_225139-01.jpeg
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    Name:  IMG_20161018_225046.jpg
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    the first MOD i did was fixing the headlights which suffered from projector bowl burn out. Purchased retrofit kit from Lightwerks. also went ahead and purchased Angel eyes from Khoalty BMW and installed those at the same time.

    Light removal and disassemble

    Name:  IMG_20161104_202125.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161104_201901.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161104_201844.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161104_145249.jpg
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    Lights all back together.

    Name:  IMG_20161105_192724-01.jpeg
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    Name:  IMG_20161106_132107.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161106_105335.jpg
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    Purchased a 2002 e46 m3 parts car. it had the main bits i was looking for which was the whole swap. slowly going to sell off what parts I can salvage from this car and then hopefully soon have my M54 with ZF 6 speed posted for same in some forums to help off set this cost.

    Name:  IMG_20161116_204238_01.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161116_204236_01.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161116_204211_01.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161116_204200_01.jpg
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    Decided to throw in the M3 cluster, LCM and clean up the steering wheel and shift knob. Looking forward to getting all mileage corrected back to my 165k after the s54 swap. Currently there is no tamper dot sine i kept the LCM as well.

    I used a Mr Clean magic eraser and its AMAZING. it took way the yucky shiny from the leather and gave it that nice matte look and feel. so much nicer. even cleaned the tri color stitching very well too.

    Name:  IMG_20161108_183805.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161108_184058.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161119_142836.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161119_142852.jpg
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    Decided to do a small photoshoot of the car before i do the engine swap and it was the first time i had her cleaned up and washed since/

    Name:  2016-11-19_0003.jpg
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    Name:  2016-11-19_0004.jpg
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    Name:  2016-11-19_0005.jpg
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    Name:  2016-11-19_0006.jpg
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    Name:  2016-11-19_0007.jpg
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    Name:  2016-11-19_0002.jpg
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    decided to tackle the E46 m3 mirror conversion. when they say this is a conversion they are not lying. I also took the time t get the lower grill and upper hood vents painted black to match the red on black theme with the zhp.

    E46 M3 mirrors with sedan mirror motor swap. (also had upper hood grill and lower bumper grill painted black with the mirror base plates)
    This is a mod that i don't think i ever want to do again. the most ridiculous things to make this work on a sedan are insane. I cant believe that there is not a bolt on aftermarket option with similar looks.

    Cutting and saving baseplates, making templates to get correct holes and orientation to mount said base plate to door, swapping mirror motors with ribbon cables and fabbing up new mirror motor mount base plates with correct orientation and depth ratios for clearance.

    I tried for 2 days to follow WDS wiring diagrams and compared m3 mirror memory modules and wiring to late sedan memory module and wiring diagrams and finally came to the conclusion they are just incompatible systems since everything is controlled by the BUS system.
    I have learned that for this project a dremel was my bestest friend ever.

    here are some pictures of the process which i hope to get added and supplement cakM3 DIY thread since I think it would help.

    thanks to cakM3 for emailing me the now dead Rogue engineering link for the baseplate modification.

    Name:  IMG_20161210_214716.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161211_123159.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161211_135710.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161211_213415.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161212_194400.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161212_231444.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161212_222834.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161213_090048-01.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161213_090039-01.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161213_085951-01.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20161213_085911-01.jpeg
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    Quote Originally Posted by nextelbuddy View Post
    Name:  2016-11-19_0002.jpg
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    I love that picture. The red leaves look great behind the car.
    Glad to see your hitting the ground running and look forward to seeing your s54 swap. BMW should have done an e46 m3 sedan to begin with.

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    I wish normal E46s had come with rounded mirrors, they look so much better/timeless.

    Nice work!

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    Pretty cool

    Quote Originally Posted by BMWCurves View Post
    I wish normal E46s had come with rounded mirrors, they look so much better/timeless.
    I like the rectangular mirrors.

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    Nice job Nextel

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