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Thread: BMW most expensive brand to maintain?

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    That's a different list but good point!
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    I also think the numbers could be partially skewed in the sense that people (usually) drive BMWs harder than most other cars simply cause they are that enjoyable. Idk about you but when I'm behind the wheel of a BMW I feel more of an urge to drive fast and hard into corners. Because of this, I would assume a lot more BMW drivers are changing out shocks, struts, bushings...etc simply because we want them to drive they way the originally did. Along with this I do agree with previous comments in that if you take your car to the dealership the price can be 3x that of DIY. And some models such as the e65, turbo e90s... are going to have much higher costs than an e36 and e46.

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    A major portion of repair costs is usually labor. If you can DIY it makes a tremendous difference (but of course this applies to any brand.) For me, much of the pleasure of having the car is working on it, maintaining it, and sometimes improving it. Plus, when working on it you sometimes spot potential problem issues. Unlike many here, I can't afford a new (or even low-mileage) car. Usually, when shopping I'm looking at circa 100k mile cars that have been well maintained. Because I plan to keep them a while, I put only the best parts on them and count on the quality of the car to give me back many miles of satisfactory service. It doesn't bother me when I have to replace wearing parts - I can handle the cost unless it all comes at one time. When I read of someone having a 2 or 3 thousand dollar repair bill, it sounds almost foreign to me. Rebuilding the front end on my E36 cost under 500 bucks. Doing the water pump (the best one Turner sells), tensioner, belts, and hoses was about 300. Labor was free and I knew a lot more about my car afterward. Factory parts are expensive, but you are paying for that beautiful showroom and other overhead.

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