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    Work trip to MD: 650+ miles drive on the ZHP

    So I'm going to be going to California, MD next week for training.

    All the maintenance is up to date on the car (cooling, fuel pump, oils/filters, tires etc) but I want to be prepared.

    What do you guys recommend I bring just in case?? Parts and/or tools?

    Currently have a quart of oil and a tire compressor on the car haha.

    Leaving Sunday so got a week to get everything sorted.

    Thanks for any and all input.

    Pic of the ZHP.

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    good thinking on the compressor. i carry one, a roll of shop towels, a big garbage bag (you never know), and a small toolkit on any trip longer than 2hrs.

    i also have a CAA (AAA up here) membership which has been invaluable over the last 8-9 years.

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    Sharp looking ZHP !!

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    Just get in and drive. And share the experience

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    To add to Peter's list, some other items you might consider:
    - Headlamp and/or a flashlight of some sort.
    - Zip ties
    - Work/mechanic's gloves
    - At least two pens and a pad of paper.
    - Belts if yours are old.
    - Small first aid kit
    - Jumper cables

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    Another quart of oil if your car is thirsty and a baseball bat

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    Haha thanks guys for all the recommendations. Definitely taking a small tool bag.

    Do not know why the baseball bat (personal defense??) but I am definitely taking one now lol.

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    You should be OK with nothing special. I've had 4 E46's with probably over 250K and only had one fail on the road, with a bad water pump. And it's not particle to pack for that.

    Just have a safe drive and enjoy the ride!

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    Make sure the spare tire is well inflated and is good to go in case you need it. Also check the coolant level before you set off. Honestly 650 miles isn't much, during summer I drive my car for about 700 miles pretty much every weekend...

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    Beautiful ZHP. Best color combo (Black/NB).

    Enjoy your trip!!

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