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Thread: BMW 330 ZHP Tires: Recommended Tires for a ZHP in 2017.

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    Fredo, I am in Houston although I've lived all over this great state. In the market for a ZHP, any model is good. I started with a 06 Vert in LA that turned out to be a lemon after the PPI. Now I'm negotiating on a coupe and should know something in the next day or two.

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    DW are so cheap right now with the $70 mail back rebate. Almost makes me want to buy them even though I don't need them lol

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    BMW 330 ZHP Tires: Recommended Tires for a ZHP in 2017.

    Will 17s fit?

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    What would they fit on?

    The stock 135 style wheels are staggered 18s.

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    I also drive a 2007 GLI 2.0 6MT with 17's. Sounds like a good deal

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    Found the DWs on TireRack but only rear. The 225/40-18 are not available any more I guess.

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    I recent bought the Barum Bravuris 3HM from Discount Tires. Cheapest tires I could find in the staggered OEM sizes and have been pleasantly surprised with the grip and noise levels.
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    Thanks dpark

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    BMW 330 ZHP Tires: Recommended Tires for a ZHP in 2017.

    Thanks for all your valuable advice.

    I bought the set from TireRack and had the new tires delivered yesterday. Now scheduling an appointment at local tire shop to mount and balance them. While there I also want to align the car as the car drifts to the right with the current (balding on the inside of the tire)... Is there anything specific to remember when taking the car in for an alignment? Does it have to be at the dealership or can the Tire Shop do it well?

    Back in 2005 I owned an e46 325 with the sports package. The dealership aligned it once and I remember them loading something onto the back seat... I seem to remember the tech saying something about the need to add weight on the back seat..? Any idea about this? Or will it be ok to take it say Firestone or NTB?

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    Congrats on the new tires !

    I believe Firestone or NTB will be ok for the alignment. Just make sure they use the "sports with size 18 wheels" settings (they may not have available the "performance" settings in their systems). Some places put weight on the trunk or back seats to simulate a full passenger load. It's also recommended you fill up the gas tank.

    In Firestone you may consider their lifetime alignment, specially if you plan to keep the car for a long term. That's what I did with my first BMW, e36.

    Now I have the alignment done at my Indy, you don't need the dealer for it. Its a little pricey, $189, but they (indy) do an excellent job. Post your before/after specs here, and we can advise if the numbers look right. GL.
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