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Thread: BMW 330 ZHP Tires: Recommended Tires for a ZHP in 2017.

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    BMW 330 ZHP Tires: Recommended Tires for a ZHP in 2017.

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    Thank you, Vas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nsk040 View Post
    AZBP2: I've heard ppl use the phrase cupping used in 2 ways when talking about tires so I had to clarify. My cupping (basically a flat spot across the tire left to right), was probably shock related, yours is likely not shock related. Do you lean on the car pretty hard in corners? If so, that could definitely be the reason you're getting some outside edge wear. You could just increase camber to address this up front.

    For shocks, I went with Bilstien HDs. If I had it do again I'd do OEM sachs or Koni. My HDs seem a bit mis-matched with my OEM springs. People with Konis don't seem to have this problem. 100% replace all the other misc. components while you're in there for the shocks. No sense in paying for (or doing) like 8 hours of labor and trying and save a hundred on inexpensive parts.

    Keep in mind with shocks that you can only change the behavior of the car so much with shocks; they are only active when the car is in transition. Once a car is in a corner, the shock is meaningless. Springs, bars, alignment, ride say nothing of driving style, all have a huge impact on what you feel.
    Do you feel that the stock springs are too soft for the firmness of the bilsteins? Planning a future suspension and have seen some H&R/eibach springs to go along with the bilsteins.

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    The point is that the shock and spring need to be matched. BMW did a great job with the ZHP out of the box...I'd say if you're not willing to get springs that are designed specifically for whatever shocks you buy, just go with OEM sachs.

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    This thread has been dormant for almost a year, so I'll give it a wake-up shake by going back to the "preferred tires" discussion. Because I've known and worked with the dealer for 25+ years and because I had good luck with his Coopers on my other cars, I decided to try the Zeons on my ZHP. After a year and almost 16k on them, I have been VERY satisfied. Sweet, responsive handling, plenty of traction, smooth and quiet, and surprisingly good wear. Cooper has a "wear square" molded into the center rib - when one side of the square is no longer there, you have used up 25% of the tread, two sides 50%, etc. A clever and handy way to let you figure what sort of life is left in the tire. Mine are showing three sides, so a rough conservative guess is that they have 1/2 to 2/3 life remaining. They are warranteed for 50k IF ON A SQUARE setup, but only half that if staggered. I was hoping for 25 to 30 thousand - after all they are a soft, high performance tire. Now it looks like mine might go 30+ thousand. Compared to my wife's Accord's rubber, they are much more expensive per mile, but then we didn't buy this car to pinch pennies. Compared to what guys are saying about the Michelins and Pirellis they are very competitive, and the dealer is super good about putting my car on the rack to check things out from time to time. My next set will be the same, Zeon G-1s.

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    @Sailor the RS3-G1's have been great for me too. Smooth, quiet, and grippy. They even held their own on the track.

    I put on the new Michelin PS4S's for the summer and the grip is just unreal. I thought it would be worth it for the added confidence on the track, but I haven't been out there yet to confirm.

    Both great tires, but if you want a year round tire, the Cooper's are a no brainier.

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