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Thread: KTS's Ownership Thread

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    Very cool ZHP, looking forward to updates with your s54 swap. In case you're unfamiliar, here's some items to address:

    If you haven't ordered bearings, I'd recommend the WPC treated ones:

    Change out the CPV o-ring with a viton one while it's easily accessible:

    VANOS stuff from Beisan (drilled pump disk, seals, plate, solenoid, rattle kit):

    For valve shims, save yourself a few hundred bucks and go with the Wiseco VSK4:

    If you replace the clutch, go with a Luk kit (it'll have the OE disc and pressure plate), but toss the throw-out bearing and pilot bearing in the garbage and get OE BMW ones.

    And as a heads up, consensus on VCG for the s54 is go with OE BMW as it's rumored to be viton, the others will end up leaking.
    - Will

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    Thank you for the advice! I just finished up the rod bearings, SAP block plate and CPV O-ring. I was planning on doing the vanos next winter but leaning toward doing it now while everything is apart.

    Do I order the clutch for a ZHP? Or can I use my current clutch? Iím keeping my 6-speed

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    Good progress. I'd recommend doing the VANOS stuff before next winter, especially the drilled pump disk (which seems to be the cause of the broken vanos hub tabs $$$$). I have no experience with using the ZHP trans with s54, so I'll defer.
    - Will

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